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As a coach, you are a teacher and a mentor. You spend considerable time with young athletes and have the potential to greatly influence their development.

But your role is far from easy. Parents can question your decisions. Athletes can lack motivation and focus. And the balance between having fun and winning games puts an immense amount of pressure on your shoulders.

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That is why the AMERICAN COACHING ACADEMY was created.

To equip you with the knowledge and skills to achieve your team goals, make a positive impact on your athletes, and teach them valuable life lessons through participation in sport.

With your ACA Certification, you will:

  • Gain Credibility

    Gain credibility in the eyes of your athletes, parents, administrators and coaching peers.

  • Increase Confidence

    Increase your confidence by having the expertise to improve the performance of your team, and make important decisions in difficult situations.

  • Become an Authority

    Achieve a certification that identifies you as a respected authority in your field.

WANTED: Dedicated Coaches Who Want To Improve Their Skills, Boost Their Confidence, and Build Their Reputation

Ever notice how some folks seem like they were born to be coaches?

How those coaches always seem to know exactly the right thing to do in any situation?

How those coaches easily convince players, administrators, colleagues… and even parents to follow their every instruction without fail and without question?

And how those coaches command respect from everyone?

Well, you may already know that we call these guys (and ladies) “Alpha Coaches" - the big enchiladas, the ones who other coaches come to for tips and advice... who can quite a room just by entering.

And I want to let you in on a secret about them…

The Alpha Coaches who inspire such loyalty, who win such devotion and who command so much respect…

... they know there is NO magic voodoo to winning the loyalty, devotion and respect of their team, parents and colleagues.

They don’t have any hidden tactics, secret handshakes, or magic words to use. They simply follow a formula.

Here's the formula: You take any group of athletes and demand nothing less than their absolute best.

And you demand it by communicating with them in a way that resonates deeply and moves them to action.

It's really that simple.That’s how Alpha coaches do it. And it works so well for them because…

  1. Athletes crave their leadership.
  2. Other coaches and administrators are starved for the unifying energy they bring to the table.
  3. Parents are desperate for good role models for their children.
  • How To Recognize An Alpha Coach

    Alpha Coaches are easy to spot.

    An alpha coach is the coach that every player wants, every coach wants to be, and every parent respects.

    They’re the coaches who get maximum effort from their teams at every single practice.

    The coaches who motivate their players to thrive under pressure and win big… even if they lack talent.

    The kind of coach who automatically commands the respect of team parents, so they don’t butt in and undermine every decision.

    These are the coaches parents and colleagues respect. The coaches communities honor.

    But most importantly, they’re the coaches that players love… that players look up to… and that players remember forever as having had a positive, life-changing impact on their lives.

  • Beats Books and Videos

    We have nothing against books and videos. There’s a lot of good information out there, if you have the time and the patience to wade through pages of fluff… or to sit through hours of filler video just to get to the few things you really need to know.

    Instead, ACA lets you customize your plan. You’ll go through the whole course in the order you choose. You set the priority. You call the shots.

    Case Study # 9
    Name: William Mitsubishi
    Location: Lawrence, KS

    “This is by far the best coaching course I’ve taken (and I have an entire shelf full of books and videos). It’s presented in an easy to understand way and it was easy for me to take it right to the gym.”

    Result: ACA slashed Coach Mitsubishi’s learning time. So while others were still searching for the information – he was at practice using his new coaching skills.
    We can do the same for you.

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Download The FREE 39-Page Coaching Manifesto!

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