Discover How to Navigate the Often Difficult “Coach at Practice-Parent at Home” Relationship Dynamic so Your Child Thrives Athletically & You’re Never Accused of “Favoritism”!

Learn How To Motivate, Inspire, And Encourage Your Child In Your Roles As Both Coach And Parent

Coaching your own child can be a dream come true … or a nightmare depending on how you handle the situation.

Too many coaches worry that they will be perceived as giving their own child special attention and so they actually end up doing just the opposite – often ignoring their child to the ultimate detriment of their athletic performance.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Find out how to safely navigate the coach-child relationship with our new guide –

Coaching Your Own -
How to Coach Your Own Child Effectively!

This guide reveals what you need to know to keep your child motivated during their sports journey as well as how you as their parent and their coach can open doors for them without being accused of giving them special attention and advantages that your other players did not receive.

Here is More of What You Will Learn from This Report:

  • Coaching tips for how to deal with your child and with other players in a fair and even-handed manner!
  • How to get your child to understand and respect the difference between the coach-player and parent-child relationships!
  • How to get other players to basically forget you’re the parent of your child and instead view your child as just another member of the team who’s treated no better or worse than anyone else!
  • How to separate your role as coach from your role as parent – plus, 5 questions you should continually ask yourself to ensure you don’t fall into the trap of giving your child special treatment over other players on the team!
  • How to work with your child to define success – this is the first step to creating a sports superstar!
  • How to help your child prioritize winning, losing and having athletic success so that they don’t get “burned out” and grow to hate the sport they are playing!
  • How to set realistic goals and reward your child for achieving them!
  • How to encourage your child to build team relationships and bonds or friendships with other children in sports – this more than anything else will ensure your child achieves athletic success!
  • The four T’s in youth sports coaching and how to excel at each one of them!
  • How to become an effective coach step by step – find out what really goes into being a good coach as well as what you should never do here!
  • 4 proven effective things you can do to motivate your child and encourage him or her to participate in sports!
  • What all parents should know about kids at different age levels as they learn to play a sport – failure to understand this could lead to a lot of hard feelings later on!
  • Simple strategies you can use to keep your child motivated and happy!
  • How to teach your child to play with confidence – plus, 10 things you can do to help prepare your child to handle the stress of sports!
  • And much, MUCH MORE!

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