Discover What Your Athletes Should Be Eating Before, During & After Games to Ensure Optimum Performance!

Raise Energy, Boost Performance & Even Help Prevent Injuries… Find Out What Your Athletes Should Really Be Eating & Drinking Below…

It’s one of the most important factors of good athletic performance, yet also one of the most overlooked … what are we talking about?

Proper nutrition.

Proper nutrition is a must for strength, muscle health and overall well-being of the athletic body – and proper nutrition is even more important for youth athletes because they are still growing!

The Right Foods, at the Right Time
to Maximize Athletic Performance!

With the Nutrition and Youth Sports Report, you'll gain a better understanding of the nutritional needs of young athletes and know exactly what recommendations to make to optimize your team's performance.

Here is just some of what's included!

  • Nutrient deficiencies commonly experienced by young athletes who do not eat properly and how to spot their warning signs!
  • How to ensure your players also stay properly hydrated – it’s easy to do when you follow this simple tip!
  • How children’s nutritional needs differ from those of adults and how to compensate for this fact to boost your young athletes’ performances!
  • How much fat and fiber young athletes should really be consuming – this may surprise you!
  • Whether it’s really better for young athletes to eat several small meals or a few large meals each day!
  • Caloric and nutritional needs by age – young athletes need a significant amount of calories when compared to the average adult simply because they are growing and need the extra nutrients as well as fuel for their bodies … but how much is too much? Find out here!
  • Why eating and drinking improperly can negatively impact performance – including make an athlete feel lethargic or even sick!
  • The absolute best thing to drink before a sporting event!
  • The best foods and drinks to consume DURING a game to keep athletes energized and active!
  • What to eat and drink after a game to boost recovery!
  • Simple meals plans for young athletes of different ages!
  • And much, MUCH MORE!

Develop a Team of Healthy,
Energetic Kids!

Kids are growing and that means their bodies need special attention to ensure they stay healthy and have all the energy they need to enjoy activities like sporting events.

There are lots of things you must keep in mind to ensure kids are getting the proper nutrition so that they can perform their best during sports events, including the amount of calories and the types of foods they require.

Luckily for you, we’ve simplified everything and put it in one handy guide. Order today and you’ll get everything you need to know to take proper care of your young athletes.

And, remember this one last thing: by teaching children to be involved in activities and to eat healthy now, you will be teaching them the things they need for a healthy adulthood as well.

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If you are a coach or teacher, one thing you can do to ensure kids on your team are healthy and full of energy is to help the parents understand what the children need.

We’ve included this special handout that you can print and give to parents so they can provide the kids with the meals, snacks, and drinks they require to stay healthy and grow strong!

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