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The Complete Sports Skills Bundle is packed with more than 241 stations, games, activities and lesson plans to help you teach sports to kids. It covers all the major sports taught in elementary and high school.








Track and Field


Here's What's Included:

Baseball & Softball Skills Stations

$29 Regular Price

17 printable Baseball & Softball Station Cards

Skill Stations

$29 Regular Price

20 printable Basketball Station Cards

Skill Stations

$29 Regular Price

12 printable Football Station Cards

Skill Stations

$29 Regular Price

20 printable Volleyball Skill Station Cards

Soccer Skill

$29 Regular Price

10 printable Soccer Skill Station Cards

Field Day
Station Cards

$29 Regular Price

21 printable Skill Station Cards

No-Prep Baseball Lesson Plans

$29 Regular Price

7 Step by Step Baseball Lesson Plans

No-Prep Soccer Lesson Plans

$29 Regular Price

6 Step by Step Soccer Lesson Plans

No-Prep Volleyball Lesson Plans

$29 Regular Price

7 Step by Step Volleyball Lesson Plans

No-Prep Handball Lesson Plans

$29 Regular Price

6 Step by Step Handball Lesson Plans

No-Prep Hockey Lesson Plans

$29 Regular Price

6 Step by Step Hockey Lesson Plans

No-Prep Track & Field Lesson Plans

$29 Regular Price

6 Step by Step Track & Field Lesson Plans

No-Prep Basketball Lesson Plans

$29 Regular Price

6 Step by Step Basketball Lesson Plans

No-Prep Football Lesson Plans

$29 Regular Price

6 Step by Step Football Lesson Plans

Volleyball & Net Games

$29 Regular Price

10 fun activities for K-8th

Racket Games

$29 Regular Price

13 fun activities for K-8th

Base Games

$29 Regular Price

19 batting, fielding and run-scoring games

Soccer Games

$29 Regular Price

28 fun activities for K-8th

Basketball Games

$29 Regular Price

21 fun activities for K-8th

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Barbara Faulkner

Elementary PE Teacher

Ready to Use

"GREAT ready-to-use resources. They provide a variety of themed and seasonal activities that you just need to print and/or display. They kids love them and they are super easy for you as the teacher/coach!"

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Mike Peters

Fortitude Athletic Development and Nutrition

No More Searching

"No more searching all over the internet, trying to get the material you need, you can get it all here! I would recommend these to any and EVERY coach and parent out there, whether it's for P.E., sports, or just looking for fun activities that will get your kids up and moving!"

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Krystina Kolbe

Bradenton, Florida

Bradenton, Florida

"The lessons and activities are so simple and easy to set up. If you print out the papers, it makes it super easy for a substitute to follow with the step by step instructions and pictures."

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Joan Manson

Waverley, New Zealand

No Experience?
No Problem.

"An enormous selection of Physical activities for students of all ages. As a retired secondary maths teacher often doing relief in primary schools with no experience whatsoever in teaching PE the resources I have got from them are invaluable."

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Lorraine Meloche Giorgino

PE Teacher

My Students Love Everything!

"I have an entire 3 inch binder dedicated to the American Coaching Academy lessons that I use within my physical education program. My students LOVE everything I have used. I highly recommend checking them out to all my colleagues!"

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Cindy Thorne

Upper Sandusky, Ohio

Makes My Life Less Stressed

"Thanks so much for making my life less stressed this year. I have recommended your site to other teachers because it's so easy to implement and the students enjoy the activities."

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