21 Printable Animal Movement Stations to Get Your Kids Waddling, Slithering, Bouncing and Prowling!

Simple, Fun Locomotor Activities to Energize Your Students

A Wildly Fun Way to Get Your Kids Moving

Just print, post and rotate! Perfect for experienced PE teachers, total newbies, or anyone in between.

Print Your Cards

Print out the station cards at home or school. Then post them around your gym, classroom or sports field.

Create Your Stations

Break up your class into groups of 2-5 students. Assign one group to each station.

Rotate Every 5-10 Mins

Blow your whistle to get started. After 5-10 minutes, rotate each group to a new station!

Includes 21 Kid-Friendly Animal Movements for PE, Brain Breaks or Classroom Transitions

Each station card features a single movement with kid-friendly instructions and full-color illustrations. 

Fun and Flexible

Use for PE class, brain breaks, classroom transitions and more

No Equipment Needed

All you need is a group of kids and some empty space!

Build Fitness

Each movement improves strength, endurance, balance, and coordination.

Kindergarten to 8th Grade

Fun and engaging for kids of all ages

Indoors or Outdoors

Play inside a gym, in a classroom, or outside on the playground or field.

Small or Large Groups

Works with individual kids, small groups or full classes

So Many Fun Ways to Play!

More than just station cards! These animal movements are tons of fun in any PE or classroom environment

Full Class Activity

Digitally display one station for the full class to see! Who can do the best Snake Slither or the Funniest Chicken Flap?

Animal Relay Races!

Split kids into teams and create 3 different "stages" for a relay race! Start with a Bunny Rabbit Binky, move to a Penguin Waddle, then finish with a Bull Charge!

PE Warmup

Get your students' minds and bodies ready to play with a quick Animal Locomotor Warmup!

Brain Breaks

Makes a great classroom energizer to get your kids out of their seats and moving throughout the day!

Early Finishers

Have your students already completed the PE activity for the day? Keep them engaged and moving with a few Animal Locomotors!

Classroom Transitions

Use these movements when transitioning between subjects, locations in the classroom or in the hallway!

 Quick! Before Time Runs Out

Full Package Includes

Animal Movement Stations: Printable Lesson Kit with 21 Station Cards
No Equipment Needed. Use Indoors or Outdoors. Works with Small Groups, Large Groups or Individual Kids.
Use for PE Class, Brain Breaks, Classroom Transitions and more
Unlimited Reprint Rights for One School or Local Organization
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