Download 101 Fun Brain Breaks to Re-Energize and Refocus Your Students!

Are you looking for some fun, new ideas to get kids out of their seats and moving for a few minutes?

101 Fun Brain Breaks is packed with high-energy, kid-tested activities to get your kids re-energized and refocused (without losing instructional time).

You can use them for classroom energizers, transitions, movement breaks, SEL activities, or any time you just want to get their wiggles out!

Best of all - 101 Fun Brain Breaks is completely printable and ready for instant download. So you can get instant access and start playing these games today!

Easy to Set Up. Simple to Play. Guaranteed Fun.

Print and Cut

Print the sheets out on regular paper or card stock. Laminate them and cut out the individual brain break cards.

Organize the Cards

Glue each card to a popsicle stick, attach, to a binder ring, or organize into a bin.

Get Moving!

Use a brain break whenever you need it, or plan one for every 30-60 minutes throughout the day!

100% Printable and Ready to Go

Each brain break card includes a fun title, kid-friendly illustrations and detailed instructions for kids and teachers. You can cut them out and have the kids pick them out one by one, or display them on your smart board for all to see.

Here are some of the games you'll discover...

Secret Handshake

"Pop" Corn

Human Tic Tac Toe

Stadium Wave

Scavenger Hunt

Bottle Flip

Human Chair Sit

Card Shark

Air Guitar

Zombie Walk

Fitness Cube

And a lot more!

So Many Fun Ways To Use

Perfect for teachers, parents, coaches or anyone who works with kids.


Are the kids getting a little squirmy? Do a quick brain break to help work out the wiggles and re-focus on the task at hand.


Use a quick burst of movement to bring your classroom's energy level up and get them excited about learning.


Help students reset their brains by playing a short, interactive, movement-based game!

Physical Education

Pick a few brain breaks, then project them on your smart board for the entire class to do together!

Activity Stations

Print and post 5-10 brain breaks around your room, then, rotate the kids through every 3-5 minutes.

School wide Activity

Read out the Brain Break over the morning announcements and have the entire school follow along!

Team Building

Simple games to break down barriers and help kids improve their social-emotional skills!

Family Fun

Have each family member choose a Brain Break from the jar after dinner. Play the game together for some active family fun!

Homework Break

Long study or screen time session? Get your student up on their feet and moving with these fun activities.

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Ready to Use

"GREAT ready-to-use resources.  They provide a variety of themed and seasonal activities that you just need to print and/or display.  They kids love them and they are super easy for you as the teacher/coach!"

Barbara Faulkner

Elementary PE Teacher

No More Searching

"No more searching all over the internet, trying to get the material you need, you can get it all here! I would recommend these to any and EVERY coach and parent out there, whether it's for P.E., sports, or just looking for fun activities that will get your kids up and moving!"

Mike Peters

Fortitude Athletic Development and Nutrition

Easy to Set Up

"The lessons and activities are so simple and easy to set up. If you print out the papers, it makes it super easy for a substitute to follow with the step by step instructions and pictures."

Krystina Kolbe

Bradenton, Florida

No Experience?
No Problem.

"An enormous selection of Physical activities for students of all ages.  As a retired secondary maths teacher often doing relief in primary schools with no experience whatsoever in teaching PE the resources I have got from them are invaluable."

Joan Manson

Waverley, New Zealand

My Students Love Everything!

"I have an entire 3 inch binder dedicated to the American Coaching Academy lessons that I use within my physical education program.  My students LOVE everything I have used.  I highly recommend checking them out to all my colleagues!"

Lorraine Meloche Giorgino

PE Teacher

Makes My Life Less Stressed

"Thanks so much for making my life less stressed this year. I have recommended your site to other teachers because it's so easy to implement and the students enjoy the activities."

Cindy Thorne

Upper Sandusky, Ohio

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