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Are You Just "Winging It?"

Making up your practice plans and strategies on the fly?

Being a "hope and pray" coach?

Or do you have a clear-cut plan to develop your athletes' skills and achieve the goals of your team?

If you ARE winging it - don't feel bad.

Around 7 in 10 Coaches Make The Exact Same Mistake!

And sure, if you're lucky enough to get a team that's stacked with talented, well-behaved, and motivated kids who ALWAYS try their best... then you're in good shape.

But if you're like most coaches, you've got a variety of skill levels and personalities on your team.

Not only are you trying to teach these kids the fundamentals and tactics of your sport...

You're also trying to groom the next generation of leaders...

And and give them a positive sports experience they'll remember for the rest of their lives!

It's a LOT to think about.

And it's no surprise so many coaches are stressed out and overwhelmed with the responsibility.

That's Why We Created The American Coaching Academy

To equip you with the knowledge and skills to achieve your team goals, make a positive impact on your athletes, and teach them valuable life lessons through sports.

Since 2007, we've helped more than 96,000 coaches all over the world, improve their skills and build their reputations.

Here's what some of our certified coaches told us...

It improved my confidence immensely.

I got specific examples on how to coach individual athletes as well as a team, and also how to handle parent influences.

Brent Babyck
Brent Babyck Hockey Coach, Sherwood Park, Alberta

The ACA training has caused my confidence level to rise, and my ability to teach and motivate has also been quite effective.

When I speak it’s with passion and confidence. I was even voted coach of the month for June in my local league!

Yvonne Lockhart
Yvonne Lockhart Softball Coach, Freeport, Grand Bahama

The ACA helped me apply different methods for issues with behavior and focus.

Parents know I mean business! I hear whispers… "this guy is tough… this guy is serious about coaching these kids… he's gonna set a good role model for these kids."

Jim Grimes
Jim Grimes Soccer Coach, Brunswick, Maine

The ACA gave me more insights into working with parents, and greater confidence in working with the athletic program, my assistants and players. Now I even walk with my chin up a little higher than normal!

Pedro Ortega
Pedro Ortega Basketball Coach, Sedona, Arizona

I was able to put much of the information to use immediately through the use of the print-outs and templates. I used the parent meeting template to organize my parent meeting and I gave the "94 ways to be positive" list to my coaches. I also used the information on evaluations for evaluating my team and coaching throughout the year.

Glendale Zell
Glendale Zell Athletic Director, Louisville, Kentucky

I was able to apply what I learned to create positive learning environments, and train and motivate my students. As a result, my team improved and became the number one team among all the International Schools in Seoul, with 14 wins and only 2 losses!"

Ajibade Ibraheem Akeem,
Ajibade Ibraheem Akeem, Tennis Coach, American Embassy, Seoul

Until recently, we reserved our most effective training for our certified coaches. Folks all over the world who paid up to $297 to earn an American Coaching Academy Certificate.

But recently, we made a very bold (and some might say CRAZY) move.

We decided to take our most popular training programs, systems, and checklists...


and make them available to everyday coaches in youth and high school sports.

Introducing a new signature program from the American Coaching Academy...

The Hall of Champions is a beautifully designed, one-stop-shop for coaches who are serious about personal growth.

It's all broken down into 3 components, filled with groundbreaking ideas to help you eliminate coaching stress, become a more effective leader, and have a positive long-lasting impact on your athletes.

Skyrocket Your Coaching Skills With These Simple Tools and Strategies

You'll discover...

  • 7 simple steps for molding any group of players into an unstoppable team
  • How to turn even the most difficult, overzealous or stress-inducing parents into your greatest supporters
  • 3 simple techniques that will instantly transform you into a better leader
  • 8 motivation keys that will fill your players with a burning desire to succeed
  • Easy ways to build confidence in athletes (even when your team keeps losing)
  • And MUCH, much more...

Let's take a closer look at what's included...

Component #1 - 39 Time-Saving Action Plans

Each one of these printable templates is designed to slash your preparation time, streamline your coaching, and show you EXACTLY how to navigate common challenges.

We'll show you exactly what to do and what to say.

And give you beautiful, professionally designed templates you can print out and use in just seconds.

  • Sports Psychology

    • 3 Ways to Reduce Athlete Stress
    • Handling Failure
    • Visualization Worksheet
  • Motivation

    • 4 Ways to Boost Self Confidence
    • 94 Ways to Encourage an Athlete
    • Goal Setting Exercises
  • Practice Planning

    • 3 Steps to Effective Practice Plans
    • Season Planning Template
    • Daily/Weekly Planning Templates
  • Nutrition

    • Alcohol, Athletes & Pressure to Drink
    • 6 Simple Nutrition Tips for Athletes
    • Fluid Facts for Sports Performance
  • Managing Your Team

    • Parent Orientation Meeting Checklist
    • 5 Steps to Calming an Irate Parent
    • Athlete Code of Conduct
  • Assessment Forms

    • Coach/Athlete Evaluation Forms
    • Informed Consent Form
    • Post Season Parent Assessment Form

Component #2 - Complete Audio Seminar Library

We've brought together an impressive team of championship coaches, educators, and sports psychologists to reveal their best-kept secrets!

It's perfect for busy coaches.

You can stream the audios over your computer screen, or download right to your phone for on-the-go learning.

Whether you're driving, walking the dog, working out, mowing the law, cleaning the house or simply relaxing... we're making your coaching development more convenient than ever!

  • Competing to Win

    Featuring Barry Switzer
    3-Time NCAA Champion
    Superbowl XXX Champion

  • Positive Coaching for Modern Kids

    Featuring Amy McReady
    Founder, Positive Parenting Solutions
    Author, The Me, Me, Me Epidemic

  • Stop Handing Victories to Your Opponents

    Featuring Jack N. Singer, Ph.D.
    Certified Sports Psychologist
    Advisor to Olympic Athletes and Fortune 500 Companies

  • Coaching Youth Sports: Do's and Dont's

    Featuring Kris Penza Terrell
    Former Division I Athlete
    Author, Can My Kid Go Pro?

  • There's No Shortcut To Success

    Featuring Tom Osborne
    3-Time NCAA Football Champion (Nebraska)

  • Winners Have The Will To Prepare

    Featuring Vince Dooley
    2-Time National Coach of the Year (Georgia)

Component #3 - Complete Online Video Clinic Library

You'll also get instant access to more than 6 hours of powerful video instruction, from some of the greatest coaching minds on the planet!

We're Bringing The Coaching Clinic To You!

This has all the benefits of a live coaching clinic, but you won't need to drive halfway across the state to attend. Or shell out hundreds of your hard-earned dollars.

  • 10 Principles to Successful Coaching

    Featuring Will Freeman
    Former Chairman of Coaches Education, USA Track and Field

  • Seven Laws of Peak Performance

    Featuring Bob Morgan,
    11th Winningest NCAA Baseball Coach

  • Team Building Strategies

    Featuring Eddie Singer
    Team Building Consultant to Walmart and Microsoft

  • Most Valuable Parents

    Featuring Bruce Brown
    NAIA Athletic Director of the Year

  • Motivation Do's and Dont's

    Featuring Bruce Brown
    NAIA Athletic Director of the Year

  • Teaching Tips for Coaches

    Featuring Jerry Krause
    Director of Basketball Operations (Gonzaga)

You Get It All...
For a Full 30 Days - For Just $1

That's right...

Your investment today is just $1

Why Are We Doing This?

It's simple.

Our mission at the American Coaching Academy is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to achieve your team goals, make a positive impact on your athletes, and teach them valuable life lessons through sports.

We want to help as many coaches as possible.

So we're willing to "open up the kimono" and let you see our best stuff for the paltry sum of $1.

If you're happy with the material and want to keep getting new Audio Seminars every month, you don't have to do anything. In 30 days, we'll activate your Hall of Champions subscription at our charter member rate of just $10.

Yep, just 10 bucks per month. We've priced it low, so money won't get in the way of your development as a coach.

If you're not happy with the material, just write back and we'll cancel your subscription. No harm. No foul. No questions asked.

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PPS - Still on the fence? Here's what coaching experts are saying about our training programs...

So much more positive outcomes can be accomplished if coaches understand the athletes first mindset.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this program to other coaches and I enjoyed my experiences working with it.

Dr. Dennis Johnson
Dr. Dennis Johnson Varsity Cross Country Coach, Wingate University

Provides valuable information that will make you a more positive and effective coach.

Ryan Hedstrom
Ryan Hedstrom Assoc. Professor, Sports Management, Manchester College

Really relevant to actual coaching experiences. I would recommend it as an excellent investment in your coaching role.

Kristin Dieffenbach, Ph.D.
Kristin Dieffenbach, Ph.D. Asst. Professor, Athletic Coaching Education, WVU

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