Attention PE Teachers

Step Up Your PE Game With Our 52-Week Curriculum

Download a Full Year of Lesson Plans to Engage, Educate and Energize Your Students

Dear PE Teacher,

Are you tired of spending hours planning your PE lessons each week? Sick of the using the "same-old" games and activities?

Imagine having a year's worth of exciting PE lessons at your fingertips, all planned out and ready to go. 

That's exactly what you get with our 52-Week PE CurriculumIt's a complete, ready-to-print package designed for Kindergarten through 6th Grade.

No stress. No fuss. Just pick a lesson, print it out, and have a blast with your students!

Includes 52 Printable Lesson Plans to Get Your Kids Excited About Moving

Each lesson is jam-packed with fun activities to inspire and motivate your kids. Click the months below to see what's included:


New Year's Day
Opposite Day
National Bird Day
National Puzzle Day


Groundhog Dag
National Pizza Day
Valentine's Day
Random Acts of Kindness Day


National Day of Unplugging
National Meatball Day
St. Patrick's Day
National Crayon Day


April Fool's Day
National Walking Day
Jackie Robinson Day
Earth Day


Project ACES Day
Star Wars Day
National Chocolate Chip Day
National Bike to Work Day


World Milk Day
Global Running Day
First Day of Summer
National Handshake Day


World UFO Day
National Ice Cream Day
World Jump Day
Parent's Day


National Friendship Day
International Cat Day
National Bowling Day
National Roller Coaster Day


National Cheese Pizza Day
Read a Book Day
Talk Like a Pirate Day
First Day of Autumn


World Animal Day
Bully Prevention Day
National Sports Day
Halloween Lesson #1
Halloween Lesson #2 


Veteran's Day
Election Day
World Kindness Day
National Take a Hike Day
Thanksgiving Lesson #1
Thanksgiving Lesson #2


National Cookie Day
Day of the Ninja
National Twin Day
Christmas Lesson #1
Christmas Lesson #2

Each Lesson Plan Comes on a Printable 1-Page "Cheat Sheet"

Includes equipment lists, step by step instructions, diagrams and modifications. Just print and