Download 14 Dynamic Dodgeball Games to Get Your Kids Throwing, Juking, Laughing and Chasing!

Super-Fun Activities That Build Strength, Coordination, Speed, Agility and Teamwork
Mix of Traditional Dodgeball Games and "Non-Contact" Games
Play Inside a Gym, or Outside on the Blacktop or Field 
Minimal Equipment Needed
Designed for Kindergarten to 8th Grade
Detailed Illustrations, Instructions and Modifications for All Ages

Fun & Exciting Dodgeball Games for Camp, PE Class, or After-School Programs

Each game is broken down with simple step by step instructions showing you exactly what to do. You can print out the games you need or teach directly from your mobile device. Perfect for experienced PE teachers, total newbies, or anyone in between.

Here's What's Included


Mushroom Ball

Jet Ball

Tag Ball Turbo

Tag Ball



Target Ball

Doctor Dodge

Clear the Decks

Dodge & Tag

War Ball

Monster Ball

Jail Break

Fun and Flexible for Any Environment

We've provided a wide variety of games for every situation. So you're guaranteed to find something that works for you and your kids!

Heart-Pumping Fun

Your students will enjoy these games so much, they won't realize how hard they're working!

Minimal Equipment

Some games just require utility balls. Others use basic PE equipment like cones, pool noodles or hula hoops.

Indoors or Outdoors

Games can be played inside a gym, or outside on a playground, blacktop or sports field

Kindergarten to 8th Grade

Kids of all ages will ask for these games again and again!

Appropriate for All Kids

Includes a mix of traditional dodgeball games and "non-contact" games. So you can decide what's most appropriate for your group.

Easy Setup. Fun to Play.

Anyone can do it! We'll show you how with complete equipment lists, detailed instructions and full color illustrations.

Best. Games. Ever!

Captivate and engage your students with these games starting today!

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14 Dynamic Dodgeball Games for Kindergarten to 8th Grade
Use at School, Camp, or After School Activities
Traditional and "Non-Contact" Options
Minimal Equipment Needed
Detailed Illustrations, Instructions and Modifications for All Ages
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