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New PE Escape Rooms Will Fill Your Home, PE Class or Youth Group with Fun, Excitement and Lots and Lots of Smiles!

Everybody Loves to Crack a Code! This Brand New Activity Helps Kids Hone Their Problem Solving Skills While Getting Stronger, Faster and Fitter!

Our PE Escape Rooms transport your students on a fantastical adventure where they decode puzzles, break secret codes, and complete fun fitness challenges!

This "Print & Go" activity can be used at home, at school, with youth groups, or with sports teams of all ages.

Kids will escape from zombie invasions, outwit magical centaurs, and try their hand at international espionage. All while improving their strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and coordination!

Here's How It Works

Our PE Escape Rooms are 100% printable and completely turn-key. In just minutes you can have your kids fully engaged in this one of a kind, immersive fitness experience!

Crack the Code

step 1

Use your problem solving and teamwork skills to break the secret code

Complete the Fitness Challenges

step 2

Test your strength, endurance and coordination with a series of tasks and exercises

Escape the Room!

step 3

Answer a short quiz to reveal the Escape Room Key Code and win the game!

Includes 5 Printable Escape Room Lesson Plans For Kids 8 and Up

Every lesson plan includes teacher instructions, station diagrams, equipment lists, student instructions, decoder sheets, fitness challenges, printable keys, and answer sheets.


Zombie Invasion

The Zombies are coming! You are stuck in a warehouse and surrounded by brain-eating zombies. 

You manage to find a secret underground passage that leads to the Safe Zone. But to enter, you must unlock a secret code and complete a series of fitness challenges.


Haunted Forest

You are trapped in a Haunted Forest! A mysterious centaur appears and presents you with a way out. 

You must solve a magical puzzle and complete a series of fitness challenges. Only then will he allow you to leave!


Graveyard Gallop

Your school bus has broken down in a graveyard! Ghosts begin rising from the ground and chasing you. 

You sprint for the exit, but it's blocked by a tall man in a hooded cloak. To escape, you must solve a mysterious puzzle and complete a series of fitness challenges.


Alien Abduction

Your class has been abducted by aliens and you are trapped on their spaceship! 

You escape their clutches and find your way onto an emergency escape shuttle. To activate the key and fly back to Earth, you must first complete a series of fitness challenges.


Spy Games

You are an international spy on a rescue mission. The enemy is holding your country's top scientist in a secret underground bunker. 

To infiltrate the bunker and rescue her, you must complete a series of fitness challenges. 

Fun & Flexible for Any Environment

Guaranteed fun for family fitness, PE class, youth groups or after-school sports programs

Print and Use Today!

This is a digital product delivered in PDF format. You can download to any device right after purchase, print out the sheets,and start playing today!

30-60 Minute Plans

Complete the entire Escape Room activity in less than 1 hour. We've also included modifications for shorter games.

Minimal Equipment

All you need is basic sports equipment like cones, soccer balls and basketballs.

Play Solo or in Teams

The activities can be done individually, in pairs, or in groups of 4-8 kids.

Ages 8 & Up

Fun for kids of all ages! Easily accommodates multi-age classrooms or households. 

Gets Your Kids Moving

Develop your strength, endurance and coordination with a variety of fun fitness and sports challenges.

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Student Activity Sheets: Escape Room Instructions, Fitness Challenges, Decoder Sheets, Final Challenges, Escape Room Keys
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