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Download 12 Printable Football Station Cards for Your Next PE Class!

Fun Football Activities for Throwing, Catching, Kicking, Hand-Eye Coordination, Speed, Agility and Defense
100% Turn-Key. Just Print, Post and Play!
Use Indoors or Outdoors. Large Groups or Small Groups.
Appropriate for Kindergarten to 8th Grade.
Bright, Colorful, Kid-Friendly Illustrations and Instructions

The Easiest Way To Teach Football Skills to Kids

Just print, post and rotate! Perfect for experienced PE teachers, total newbies, or anyone in between.

Print Your Cards

Print out the station cards on 8.5 x 11 paper. Then post them around your gym or sports field.

Create Your Stations

Break up your class into groups of 2-6 students. Assign one group to each station.

Rotate Every 5-10 Mins

After 5-10 minutes, rotate to a different station, find a new partner and keep playing!

Packed With Fun Football Mini-Games to Engage and Captivate Your Students

Each station card features a football skill game with kid-friendly instructions and illustrations

Here's What's Included

Running Back Jukes: Teaches kids how to receive a handoff, make a move, and juke the defender
Steal the Bacon: A fun, parter-based game that helps improve speed, agility and hand-eye coordination
Fancy Footwork: A "quick-burst" conditioning activity that helps with footwork, balance and body control
Passing Circle: Helps kids develop the proper throwing and catching fundamentals for football success!
Sock Tag: A fun, competitive mini-game where kids work on their dodging and defending
Hula Hoop Agility: Helps build lower body strength, quickness and multi-directional agility
Soft Hands: Trains kids to track the ball with their eyes and absorb it on the catch
Floor is Lava: An agility and balance game where kids hop from one end to the other, without getting burned by the lava!
And a lot more...

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Football Skill Stations: Printable Lesson Kit with 12 Football Station Cards
Lesson Plan Instructions and Equipment Lists
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