Teach Kids Healthy Habits in Just 5 Minutes per Day!

Let's face it. Helping kids find time for daily exercise can be a challenge.

Schedules are tight. Screens are everywhere. And sometimes it's hard to get them up on their feet and moving. 

But healthy habits are important!

Having a daily fitness routine helps kids reduce stress and improve concentration. And it prevents future health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

That's why we created these Healthy Habit Trackers.

In just 5 minutes per day, you can motivate and inspire your kids to make time for daily exercise, and help them learn the value of an active lifestyle.

Best of all, they're 100% printable - so you can download them today, print as many copies as you need and get started right away!

Each Tracker Includes 5 Daily Health and Fitness Tasks

Habit Trackers work by reminding you to act and motivating you to continue. Every time you complete a task, simply color in a section of the tracking sheet. The more tasks you complete, the more awesome your tracking sheet looks! 

12 Monthly Challenges to Build Healthy Habits and Make Fitness Fun!

Healthy Habits aren't just about exercise! We've also included Trackers to develop better hygiene, eat a balanced diet, and improve social and emotional well-being.

Muscular Endurance

Month 1

Household Chores

Month 2

Healthy Body

Month 3


Month 4


Month 5

Locomotor Movements

Month 6

Boot Camp

Month 7

Yoga Flow

Month 8

Cardio Endurance

Month 9


Month 10

Muscular Strength

Month 11

Bee Healthy

Month 12

So Many Fun Ways to Use

Perfect for PE professionals, coaches, classroom teachers, parents, after-school coordinators, or anyone who works with kids.

Monthly Challenge

Hand out a copy of the Tracker to each student and have them complete the daily tasks for an entire month.

Brain Breaks

Re-energize your students by completing a fitness circuit between subjects or before lunchtime.

Family Fitness

Inspire your kids by completing the Tracker together! Set a positive example. Hold each other accountable. Get fit with the fam!

School-Wide Challenge

Classrooms compete against each other to see how many students can complete the exercise tasks on a daily basis

Commercial Breaks

Watching TV together? Have your family do 1 fitness task every time a commercial comes on!

Sports Training

Get your young athletes stronger, faster and fitter with daily conditioning sessions.

๐ŸŽ Limited Time Bonus Gift!

Blank Tracker Templates

If you're one of the first 500 people to order this month, we'll also give you 12 blank tracking templates to customize! Add your own tasks and create as many new Habit Trackers as you like!

Downloaded by More Than 52,041 Parents, Teachers and PE Professionals

I love that this challenge encouraged us and enabled us to be active indoors. This allowed the kids to get some energy out and helped them become stronger.

Karen Keirstead Honderich

We love how flexible these trackers are!  They are visually appealing and you can easily customize them to fit your lifestyle.  If you are looking to start building healthier habits, these trackers would be a great addition to help you get started!

Shauna vandePol

It is the perfect way to teach your children some healthy habits while keeping kiddos happy, active, and healthy!

Candy Foote

This is an excellent resource to use for your physical education!  It takes the guesswork out of coming up with ideas to enforce healthy habits.  It's also fun to do as a family!

Kristi King

With just 5 habits per tracker, it's easy to not get overwhelmed in the process of doing them.  The best thing is that each of the 12 trackers are printable so you can make as many copies as you need.

Jacquelin Caffey

These Healthy Habit Trackers are a great way to keep us motivated and are a great resource to build beneficial routines.  They are particularly great for kids 6-12 years old, but everyone can use them!

Amy Degeorge

The more tasks one completes, the more fantastic the tracking sheet looks!  Because they are digital printables, each child can choose their own challenge to complete, or they can be mixed and matched.

Jenn Grunmeier

These trackers are easy to use, and there are many ways to use them, from sports training to fun family competitions (or for screen-time breaks to get your children moving).

Hannah Chase

These 30-Day Healthy Habit Trackers are an excellent tool to help kids learn to build healthy habits.  Great for any age, they give a fun way to track and be intentional in creating these habits!

Sharon Rowley

How It Works

This resource is 100% printable and instantly available online. You can have your hands on these Habit Trackers just 30 seconds from now!

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Print out the Habit Trackers on normal 8.5 x 11 paper from your home or school computer in just minutes!

Get Moving!

Inspire and motivate your kids to make time for daily exercise, and help them learn the value of an active lifestyle!

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