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In sports there is an age-old question – would you rather have a supremely talented player or a highly motivated one?

Well, what if you didn’t have to choose? What if you could have talented players who were also motivated players?

Well, to help you properly motivate the players on your team we have created a new report,“Motivation – Simple Strategies for Motivating Kids in Sports.”

It’s Time to Eliminate the Stress & Uncertainty That Comes from Trying to Determine the Best Way
to Motivate Your Players!

As a coach, you want the best for your team and players. However, it is often difficult to determine exactly the best way to motivate them.

All children are different and it would be short sighted to believe that each is motivated by the same factors.

Many things must be considered when attempting to motivate young athletes. Kids participating in individual sports will face a different set of circumstances than those in team sports, and motivating one player or participant will take a different set of skills than inspiring an entire team.

The age of the participants and level of competition will each play a role as well.

When searching for the right mix of motivation, it is important to understand what factors actually influence young athletes and how a coach can feed those factors in practices and games in order to achieve the best results.

Additionally, the coach must find the optimal level of “arousal” for the particular sport at hand.

This includes both physical and mental aspects to increase performance. For example, football players and golfers will rely on differing levels of stimulation in order to compete at a prime level.

Also, coaches must be prepared and know how to react when certain sticky situations come about. This may include a player losing interest in a sport, not performing well over several contests or motivating a team in the face of an intimidating opponent, just to name a few.

In this special report, we cover all these topics and much more to give you all the strategies you need to motivate your players and enjoy greater team success than you ever have before.

Here is more of what you will learn:

  • 4 key ways to motivate kids for practice – you know how important practice is, but sometimes kids won’t buy in, find out here how to get them motivated for practice day after day!
  • How to motivate kids before a game, during a game and after a game so that they continue to play better and better as the season goes along!
  • The two ways kids are motivated while participating in sports and how to excel at both motivational methods!
  • How to find the right level of “arousal” your players need to perform at an optimal level.
  • 10 particularly sticky situations when it comes to motivation and how to overcome each. Including:
  • A player is in a slump and has not played well for several games.
  • A player is new to the game and is having trouble mastering the fundamentals.
  • An experienced player finds the game too easy, not challenging enough, or are among the oldest competitors
  • A player loses interest in a specific sport.
  • The team is having a losing season.
  • Effort in practice is poor.
  • Outside factors are impacting how an athlete is playing.
  • Athletes are physically or mentally tired.
  • The team is facing an intimidating opponent
  • Motivating the “bottom 20%” of players.
  • And much, MUCH MORE!

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