This November, Get Your PE Students EXCITED About Moving!

Now You Can Save Time, Eliminate Stress, And Deliver Sensational PE Lesson Plans Your Students Will Adore!

As a PE Teacher, you've got a LOT on your plate. Developing a curriculum. Planning and organizing your lessons. Organizing school-wide activities... the list goes on.

You want to get your kids excited about moving. You're tired of the "same old" PE games. And you're looking for NEW ideas to inspire and motivate your students.

But let's face it. Building your own lesson plans from scratch takes a ton of work. It's time-consuming. It's stressful. And there's no guarantee of success.

That's where we come in.

Over the last 18 months, we've developed, tested and tweaked a unique formula for teaching PE that's helped more than 8,217 teachers around the world.

It's called the PE Power Pack. And today we're excited to release our November 2021 edition!

Inside, you'll get instant access to an entire month of lesson plans, including:

PE Escape Rooms
PE Station Cards
PE Games for Groups
Rainy Day PE Activities
30 Day Fitness Challenges
Thanksgiving PE Activities
Veterans Day PE Activities
PE Coloring Pages and Posters

It's the fastest, easiest way to create awesome PE lessons, and get your kids running, jumping and smiling in every class!

📦 Here's What's Included

Our November 2021 PE Power Pack is filled with unique, fun and effective activities for Kindergarten through 8th grade. 


Black Friday PE Escape Room: Trapped at the Mall!

An evil security guard has locked you inside the mall! Your students must crack codes, solve puzzles and complete fitness challenges to escape!


Veterans Day Boot Camp Stations

Atten-shun! Get your kids up and moving with 15 bootcamp stations to celebrate Veterans Day! Improve your strength, endurance, and flexibility with these fun fitness challenges.


Basketball Skill Stations

Who's got next? Your students will love these 20 kid-friendly basketball station cards. It's a fun, easy way to build dribbling, passing, and shooting skills. Just print, post and play!


PE Printables

5 printable activity sheets to use on rainy days or send home as PE homework. You'll get: 30 Day November Fitness Challenge, Basketball Word Search, Basketball Crossword Puzzle, Basketball Shooting Cues Poster and Motivational Coloring Sheet.


Print and Play PE Games

5 kid-tested games with an November-themed twist. Includes Dribble Tag, Layup Race, Knock Out, Pumpkin Ball and Steal the Pumpkin.

🌎 Over 8,217 Happy PE Teachers From Around The World

😌 The Stress-Free Secret to Awesome PE Classes

Turn-key lesson plans. Minimal prep. Guaranteed fun for your students.

Print and Use Today!

This is a digital product delivered in PDF format. You can download to any device right after purchase, print out the sheets, and start playing today!

15-60 Minute Activities

Flexible activities that work in any environment. Easy to adjust for longer or shorter sessions.

Minimal Equipment

All you need is basic PE equipment like cones, hula hoops and balls.

Small or Large Groups

All activities can be done with 5 to 35 kids. Perfect for PE class, recess, camps, or after-school programs.

Kinder to 8th Grade

Fun for kids of all ages! Includes modifications to make the games easier or harder.

Gets Your Kids Moving

Develop your strength, speed,  endurance and coordination with a variety of fun fitness and sports challenges.

🙌 Fresh, Fun PE Lesson Plans to Inspire Your Students... All Year Long!

Here's the best part. When you order our November PE Power Pack today, you'll also get a trial membership in our monthly lesson plans program.

Every month, we'll send you brand new, printable lesson kits and activities you can take right to class. All designed to save you time, eliminate stress, and get your kids moving.

You'll get sport-focused activities for basketball, soccer, football, baseball, volleyball, track and more. Plus, seasonal games for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter and more. 

There's no commitment whatsoever. If at any time, you feel like you're not getting the results we've promised, just contact us and say "cancel" and you won't be billed again.

And you can still keep the November PE Power Pack either way. Even if you decide not to continue with the subscription.

Think of how much time you'll save. No more searching the Internet for new ideas. No more boring PE classes. No more lesson planning stress.

Imagine how great it'll feel... watching your students laugh, smile, run and chase. Having so much fun, they won't realize how much exercise they're getting. Developing a love for sports and fitness that will last a lifetime.

That's what PE Power Pack will do for you!

And you don't even have to say "yes" today - just say "maybe." Take a full 60 days to test out the activities and see if they work for you.

If you're not 100% happy, we'll refund your payment with no questions asked.

Easy peasy.

 Order Today and Get These 4 Free Bonus Gifts!

A $90 value. Yours FREE when you order today!

Printable PE Alphabet Word Wall

$29 Value

26 printable alphabet cards and 130 word cards to beautify your gym and educate your students.

Printable PE Posters

$27 Value

25 printable posters featuring health, fitness and sports tips for kids.

Veterans Day PE Games for Groups

$17 Value

5 super-fun games that pay tribute to our service members. Includes Secret Soldier, Salute Tag and more!

Thanksgiving PE Games for Groups

$17 Value

5 new games with a Thanksgiving theme. Includes Turkey Roundup, Find the Feathers and more!

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5 Print & Play PE Games for Groups ($15 value)
BONUS #1: Phys Ed Word Wall ($29 value)
BONUS #2: Phys Ed Posters ($29 value)
BONUS #3: Thanksgiving PE Games for Groups ($17 value)
BONUS #4: Veterans Day PE Games for Groups ($17 value)
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