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Download 25 Printable PE Posters To Inspire, Motivate and Educate Your Students!

 Powerful PE Concepts. Kid-Friendly Posters.

Each Poster Includes 10 Health and Fitness Tips for Kids, Designed with Bright Colors and Kid-Friendly Illustrations That Look Great In Any Environment

Muscular Strength

Cardiovascular Fitness

Push Ups

Muscular Endurance


Curl Ups

Family Fitness

Basketball Dribbling Tips

Soccer Dribbling Tips

Throwing a Ball

Proper Sleep

Proper Hydration

Healthy Eating

Good Health

Brushing Teeth

Washing Hands





Mental Strength

Good Manners

Stay Positive

Importance of Phys Ed



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Print out the posters on regular 8.5 x 11 sheets, or convert to a larger size.


Place inside your classroom, play area or gym for students to see and for you to reference while you teach!

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25 Printable PE Posters for Kindergarten to 8th Grade ($29.00 value)
Bright, Colorful, and Kid-Friendly Graphics 
Looks Great in Any Classroom, Gym or Play Area
Topics Include Exercise, Fitness, Sports Skills, Health, Hygiene, Class Rules, Mindset and Motivation
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$49.95  $29.95  $14.95

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