Discover 5 New PE Scavenger Hunts to Engage, Motivate and Inspire Your Kids!

This Print & Play Activity Will Fill Your Home, PE Class or Youth Group with Fun, Excitement, and Lots and Lots of Smiles!

Set your students on the trail for some serious fun!

Inside each PE Scavenger Hunt, they'll discover fun facts about their favorite sports, use teamwork to solve puzzles, and complete PE challenges to improve their skills!

This "Print & Go" activity can be used at home, at school, with youth groups, or with sports teams of all ages.

All you need is basic PE equipment, a printer, and some space to play!

Here's How It Works

Our PE Scavenger Hunts are 100% printable and completely turn-key. In just minutes you can have your kids fully engaged in this one of a kind, immersive fitness experience!

Print Your Cards

step 1

Print out the station cards on regular 8.5 x 11 paper.

Create Your Stations

step 2

Hide the station cards around your gym, classroom or sports field.

Let the Hunt Begin!

step 3

Students search high and low to find the stations and complete the challenges. First team to finish all 10 stations wins!

Includes 5 Printable Scavenger Hunt Lesson Plans For Kids 8 and Up


Basketball Scavenger Hunt

Students will discover fun facts about basketball history and current NBA stars, while working on their shooting, passing, dribbling and rebounding! Includes 10 basketball station cards, instructions, treasure map and answer sheet.


Soccer Scavenger Hunt

Gooooal! Kids search high and low to learn more about "the beautiful game," then complete fun soccer challenges to polish their skills! Includes 10 soccer station cards, instructions, treasure map and answer sheet.


Volleyball Scavenger Hunt

Take a journey through volleyball history (or "Mintonette" as it used to be called)... discover facts about the greatest champions, and learn how to bump, set and spike like a pro! Includes 10 volleyball station cards, instructions, treasure map and answer sheet.


Olympics Scavenger Hunt

Faster, Higher, Stronger, Together! From Ancient Greece, to Michael Phelps, your students will learn all about this celebrated international competition. While working on their strength, speed, flexibility and endurance! Includes 10 Olympics station cards, instructions, treasure map and answer sheet.


Baseball & Softball Scavenger Hunt

Kids navigate around your play area to learn all about America's pastime. Then, complete skills challenges to work on their hitting, pitching, throwing, catching and fielding! Includes 10 baseball station cards, instructions, treasure map and answer sheet.

Fun & Flexible for Any Environment

Guaranteed fun for family fitness, PE class, youth groups or after-school sports programs

Print and Use Today!

This is a digital product delivered in PDF format. You can download to any device right after purchase, print out the sheets, and start playing today!

No Prep!

Literally just print and play! The lesson plan includes everything you need to engage your kids and get them moving.

Minimal Equipment

All you need is basic sports equipment like cones, soccer balls and basketballs.

Play Solo or in Teams

The activities can be done individually, in pairs, or in groups of 3-5 kids.

Ages 8 & Up

Fun for kids of all ages! Easily accommodates multi-age classrooms or households. 

Gets Your Kids Moving

Develop your strength, endurance and coordination with a variety of fun fitness and sports challenges.

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