Discover 28 Printable Soccer Games for Kindergarten to 8th Grade

Fun Activities for Dribbling, Passing, Shooting, Defense and Gameplay
Play Inside or Outside 
Works with Any Size Group
Minimal Equipment Needed
Easy to Set Up. Super-Fun to Play
Detailed Illustrations, Instructions and Modifications for All Ages

Fun Activities for Soccer Practice, PE Class, Recess or After-School Programs

Every game is simple to learn and easy to explain! You can print out the games you need or teach directly from your mobile device. Perfect for experienced coaches, total newbies, or anyone in between.

Includes 28 Kid-Tested Soccer Drills and Games

All broken down with equipment lists, step by step instructions, diagrams and modifications for all ages

Clean the Yard

Free Dribble


Dribble and Shoot

Dribble Relays

Speed Dribbling

Partner Passes

Triangle Passing

Free Agent

Defend the Castle

Bumper Cars

Pool Table

Zig Zag Dribble

Dribble Knockout

Through the Gates

Flip Cone Dribble

Shadow Dribble

Reaction Dribbling

Circle Chase

Soccer Marbles

Star Wars

Piggy in the Middle

Split the Defender

Circle Passes

Soccer Tennis

Through Ball Pass

Zig Zag Pass

Give and Go

Fun and Flexible for Any Environment

We've provided a wide variety of games for every situation. So you're guaranteed to find something that works for you and your kids!

Teach Fundamental Soccer Skills

Engaging activities that develop dribbling, shooting, passing and defensive skills.

Minimal Equipment

Each game uses basic equipment you can find in any PE Closet or Gym, like balls, cones and pinnies. 

Indoors or Outdoors

Games can be played on a field, on a blacktop, or inside a gym

Kindergarten to 8th Grade

Every game includes modifications to make it easier or harder for different age groups.

15-45 Minute Activities

Perfect for PE class, soccer practice, recess, lunch break or after-school programs.  

Easy to Set Up. Fun to Play.

Complete equipment lists, detailed instructions and full color illustrations.

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28 Fun Activities for Teaching Soccer Skills to Kids
Kindergarten to 8th Grade
Perfect for PE Class, Soccer Practice, Recess or After School Programs
Minimal Equipment. Use Indoors or Outdoors
Detailed Illustrations, Instructions and Modifications for All Ages
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