The Easiest Way To Run An Awesome PE Class

Just print, post and rotate! Perfect for experienced PE teachers, total newbies, or anyone in between.

Print Your Cards

Print out the station cards at home or school. Then post them around your gym or sports field .

Create Your Stations

Break up your class into groups of 2-6 students. Assign one group to each station.

Rotate Every 5-10 Mins

Blow your whistle to get started. After 5-10 minutes, rotate each group to a new station!

Packed With Fun Games, Activities and Skill Builders

Each station card is focused on a specific motor or sports skill. Helping your kids excel at basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, football, volleyball, tennis, hockey, and more!

Throwing Games

Work on developing stronger, more accurate throws with different types of balls.

Dribbling Games

Improve your hand-eye (or foot-eye) coordination with these fun basketball and soccer based games.

Striking Games

Learn how to strike a ball with accuracy and power, using rackets, bats and hockey sticks.

Catching Games

Develop soft hands, improve your hand-eye coordination and get better at baseball, football and basketball!

Movement Games

Improve your speed, agility, balance and body awareness with these fun and simple activities.

Kicking Games

Great for improving your soccer skills. Learn to pass, receive, shoot and punt!

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Practical Info You Can Use Immediately

Practical information that you can put in use immediately. Helped me as a coach and was beneficial in helping me land a job as an athletic director this year.

Glendale Zell

Athletic Director at Waggener Traditional H.S. in Louisville, KY

Easy to Access and Easy to Use

Very effective and interactive... easy to access and easy to use. This material is a foundational component, and certainly would benefit any level of coach

Gregory Austin Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Exercise and Sport Sciences, Colby Sawyer College

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