New PE Trivia Game Will Fill Your Next Class With Fun, Excitement, Good-Natured Competition and Lots & Lots of Smiles!

Everybody Loves Trivia! Our New "PE Trivia" Game Gives Students the Chance to Show Off Their Knowledge and Learn More About Sports, Health and Fitness...

Looking for a way to liven up your next PE class or sports activity? Want to get your kids engaged in sports and learn more about living an active lifestyle?

Well look no further, our new "PE Trivia" game is perfect for you!

This "Print & Go" activity can be used at school, at home, with youth groups, or with sports teams of all ages.

Teams of kids will face off against eachother and test their knowledge on a variety of PE topics... from basketball rules... to the human body... to sports around the world!

It's a fun, simple way to help your students learn more about physical fitness, while competing with their classmates and having tons of fun!

Here's How It Works

Our PE Trivia game is 100% printable and completely turn-key. In just minutes you can have your testing their wits in this fun competition!

Set Up The Game Board

step 1

Print out the category headers and point value cards and tape them to the wall. Divide the students into teams and you're ready to go!

Test Your Knowledge

step 2

It's just like Jeopardy! Students choose a category and point value. Then the  instructor reads the trivia question.

Compete to Win!

step 3

Answer correctly and win the points! Get it wrong and your opponents can "steal!" Highest point total wins!

12 Fun Categories to Inspire an Active Lifestyle

You'll get instant access to 130 professionally designed questions, including clues and answer keys


Sample Question:

Q: Standing just 5'3", this player was the shortest in NBA history

Clue: Muggsy Bogues, John Stockton, Nate Robinson

A: Who is Muggsy Bogues?

Baseball & Softball


Q: In a triple play, the defensive team gets this many outs in one sequence

Clue: 3, 6, 9

A: What is 3?



Q: This type of kick involves making a back flip and striking the ball in mid-air

Clue: jump kick, hurricane, bicycle kick

A: What is a bicycle kick?



Q: A "nickel" defensive formation includes this many defensive backs

Clue: 5, 2, 0

A: What is 5?

Track & Field


Q: The winner of this race is generally considered the fastest person on earth

Clue: 100m, 200m, Marathon

A: What is the 100m?



Q: Volleyball players do this around 300 times in one match

Clue: jump, score a point, hit the ball

A: What is jump?



Q: This country's athletes always take first position during the parade of nations

Clue: Spain, Greece, Italy

A: What is Greece?

Sports Math


Q: In tennis, this word is used to represent a score of zero

Clue: nil, zilch, love

A: What is love?

Sports Around the World


Q: This is the most popular sport in Canada, Finland, and Norway

Clue: curling, bobsled, ice hockey

A: What is ice hockey?

The Human Body


Q: Humans are the only animals that do this when sad or upset

Clue: yell, fight, cry

A: What is cry?

Fitness Fuel


Q: The two main ingredients in sports drinks are water, and this

Clue: salt, sugar, food coloring

A: What is sugar?

So Random


Q: This sport features Chasers, Bludgers and Seekers, and is played in real life in more than 39 countries

Clue: Flonkerton, Quidditch, Pod Racing

A: What is Quidditch?

Fun & Flexible for Any Environment

100% Printable

Delivered in PDF format. Download, print and play today!

Ages 8 & Up

Every question has multiple choice clues to help younger students

15-60 Minutes

Pick the number of categories and rounds to fit your schedule

Any Size Group

Large group? Split into teams! Small group? Play as individuals!

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Customizable Trivia Templates

Create your own PE Trivia categories and question sheets with these printable templates! 

Makes it easy to customize your game to focus on your current unit or any topic you choose!


PE Trivia Game Day Poster

A printable 8.5 x 11 poster you can use to get your students hyped about PE Trivia! Post outside your classroom, on the bulletin board or anywhere around your gym or school.

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