Attention PE Teachers!

Download 30 Printable Exercise Cards for Valentine's Day PE!

Fun Games & Activities for Kindergarten to 8th Grade
Little to No Equipment
Use Indoors or Outdoors
Large Groups or Small Groups
Detailed Illustrations and Instructions For Kids to Follow

😌 The Easiest Way to Run an Awesome Valentine's PE Class

Engage your kids. Work up a little sweat. And add a twist to your Valentine's Day celebration!

💕 Two Fun Ways to Play!

Do a Valentine's Card Exchange. Or, create Valentine's Exercise Stations!

Option 1

💌 Valentine's Card Exchange

Print Your Cards

Print out the exercise cards. Distribute one to each student in your class.

Exchange Valentines

Students trade their card with a friend, then complete the specified exercise!

Find Another Friend and Repeat!

Continue for 20-30 minutes or you've completed all 30 exercises

Option 2

⛹️ Valentine's Exercise Stations

Print Your Cards

Print out the station cards. Pick 10-15 and tape them up around your gym, playground or classroom.

Create Exercise Stations

Break your class into groups of 2-5 students. Assign one group to each station.

Rotate Every 60 Seconds

Blow your whistle to get started. After 60 seconds, rotate each group to a new station!

Packed with Fun Activities Your Kids Will 💖 

Each card develops a key motor or sports skill. Helping your students improve their strength, speed, agility, balance, coordination and flexibility.

Sports Skills

Easy ways to improve your basketball, baseball soccer, hockey and football skills.


Fun exercises to boost your speed, agility and power!


Discover fun new ways to shuffle, crawl, roll and slide


Learn basic yoga poses to improve your flexibility and balance


Simple stretches to increase your range of motion and prevent injury


Basic exercises for your upper body, lower body and core.

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