WARNING: Splash Zone Ahead

Cool Off From The Summer Sun With This Fun New Escape Room For Kids!

Our PE Escape Rooms transport your students on a fantastical adventure where they decode puzzles, break secret codes and complete fun fitness challenges!

The entire lesson is 100% printable and completely turn-key. In just minutes, you can have your kids fully engaged in this one of a kind, immersive fitness experience!

You can play at home, at school, with youth groups, or any time you want to get kids up and moving!

Here's How It Works

You are stuck inside a haunted water park after dark and need to find a way out!  To escape, you'll need to complete a series of "Wet & Wild" Brain Games and Fitness Challenges...

Solve The Brain Games

step 1

Students are given a one-page, summer themed puzzle that they have to solve. 

Complete the Fitness Challenges

step 2

After completing the puzzle, they get to pick one Fitness Challenge out of the Wet & Wild Pack! WARNING: You Will Get Wet!

Save the Mission!

step 3

Solve all 5 Brain Games and complete all 5 Fitness Challenges to save the mission and win the game!

Fun & Flexible for Any Environment

Guaranteed fun for PE class, youth groups, family fitness, after class or camp programs

Print and Use Today!

This is a digital product delivered in PDF format. You can download to any device right after purchase, print out the sheets, and start playing today!

30-60 Minute Activity

Complete the entire Escape Room activity in less than 1 hour. Easy to use for any environment.

No Equipment

All you need is some empty space! You can play in a classroom, gym, sports field or blacktop.

Play Solo or in Teams

The activities can be done individually, in pairs, or in groups of 4-8 kids.

Ages 8 & Up

Fun for kids of all ages! Easily accommodates multi-age groups.

Gets Your Kids Moving

Develop your strength, endurance and coordination with fun fitness challenges.

Customer Testimonials

Teachers, Parents and PE Pros Rave About Our Escape Room Activities

Easy to Set Up and Follow Along

"I really like the escape room lessons.  They are easy to set up and the kids are able to follow along.  They are great if you need to have something prepped and ready for a substitute!  My students enjoy the different themes.  I recommend these activities to all Phys Ed teachers!"

Laurie Taylor

Physical Education Teacher

My Students LOVE The Escape Room Activities!

"My students absolutely LOVE the escape room activities!  They know that the themes go with seasonal events so they are always asking when we will get the next one!"  

Susan Rishel

Physical Education Teacher

Gets Them Moving and Working as a Team!

"The ACA has some great resources!  The escape rooms really get them moving and working as a team!  I would recommend these products to any K-6 PE teachers."  

Michael Hill

Physical Education Teacher

The Kids Can't Wait to Solve The Next Puzzle

"The Escape Rooms are just fantastic! And they have added a lot of excitement to my classes. The kids can't wait to solve the next puzzle and break the code! Thanks so much!

Chris Knobloch

New Orleans, Louisiana

The Escape Rooms are AMAZING!

"They are so easy to use and the kids really engaged when figuring out the clues. I would recommend to anyone that works with kids in any sort of organized manner. All the activities are awesome!"

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Rob Bello

Health & PE Teacher

So Much Fun, They Don't Realize They're Working Out!

"The Escape Rooms get the kids heart rates going and they have so much fun, they don't realize they are working out.  I teach a combination of 5th and 6th grade and these activities are perfect for this age!"

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Laura Rae

Elementary Teacher

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