Parents Know I Mean Business

grimesName: Jim Grimes
Day Job: Real Estate Sales
Sport: Youth Basketball and Soccer (7-11 yr olds)
Location: Brunswick, Maine
Graduation Date: June 24, 2009

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Jim's Life Before ACA Certification: 
"I was frustrated with discipline issues and keeping the kids focused. Players were easily distracted by other things. Misbehavior or clowning around goes along with the age, and  I would use push-ups and squats to punish the players, which I now realize was  mistake."

Jim's Life After ACA Certification:
"Parents know I mean business! I hear whispers… "this guy is tough… this guy is serious about coaching these kids… he's gonna set a good role model for these kids."  And I tell them I took nine courses through the ACA, and I'm that much more knowledgeable about how to handle children at this age group and going forward.

I have learned to apply different methods for issues with behavior and focus. Dealing with discipline has changed my entire way of coaching. I'm taking a much more "positive" approach, making these kids want to come back every practice, and have fun during the games.

Whether they lost or won, they feel like they did a good job."

The Bottom Line:
"My certification has absolutely improved my confidence. I have run into many coaches and told them I took your course, and felt it was worth it.

The program is very in-depth, it's really informative and very professionally put together."

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