Is An Athlete More Susceptible to Future Concussions if He/She Has Had One?

Dr. Michael C. Koester

Dr. Michael C. Koester has worked in sports medicine for quite some time. As the chairman for the National Federation of State High School Associations Sports Medicine Advisory Committee, he has created awareness about concussions and has even started an online course about the topic.

Concussions have recently become a hot topic in the sports arena, and with good reason—they're serious injuries, and more is known about them now than ever.

Many people believe that it's common knowledge that once you get a concussion, you're more susceptible to getting more. But is that really the case?

Click on the play button to learn:

• How there isn't great data about whether or not players who suffer from one concussion are more or less susceptible to suffering from future concussions

• That it's most likely that some people are just more susceptible to suffering concussions overall

• How there's the belief that there's a window of time following a concussion during which you are more susceptible to suffering from another injury

• How there's an increased susceptibility for anyone that hasn't fully healed from a concussion

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