Team and Individual Goal-Setting

Karlene Sugarman

Karlene Sugarman is a mental training consultant who has worked with athletes from a wide variety of sports. She was an athlete growing up and was inspired by a coach to get involved in mental training as it relates to sports. Her in-depth education and many years of experience as a mental training consultant have helped her to gain valuable insight into the ins and outs of being a leader as well as how to build a team to its greatest potential.

All athletes and coaches, regardless of the sport being played, deal with team and individual goal-setting. Through Sugarman's experiences, she has come to learn a lot about goal-setting and how it can be approached in a way that will prove to be beneficial for the team and for each of the athletes.

Click on the play button to learn:

• How the ultimate goal is for the individual goals to complement the team's goals

• Why it's important to set performance goals as well as outcome goals

• How important it is to set short-term and daily goals instead of just long-term goals

• Why it's important to reevaluate and adjust short-term goals along the way to the long-term goals

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