Why Focusing on Fun is More Beneficial Than Focusing Soley on Winning

Coach James Herlinger

Coach James Herlinger was an athlete that came from a family of educators and felt right at home as a coach. He has many years of coaching experience, and through the years he has gained extensive knowledge regarding what makes a coach great.

In recent years, youth sports have become extremely intense and competitive. This intensity puts a lot of pressure on young athletes. Coach Herlinger shared his thoughts about the overly competitive nature of youth sports and why winning shouldn't be the most important focus.

Click on the play button to learn:

• Why Coach Herlinger wishes there were more vacant lots

• How some of the best athletes never even played organized youth sports

• How winning has become the most important focus and why that puts a lot of pressure on the coach

• Why it's so much more important for kids to have fun than stress out about winning and losing

• How many kids drop out of youth sports around the age of 13

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