Dealing with Perfectionist Athletes and Learning to Overcome Adversity

Dr. Patrick Cohn

Sports psychologist Patrick Cohn has a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to sports psychology. He is renowned among sports psychology experts as one of the best in his field in the nation, and he has a Ph.D. in the subject. Cohn teaches his methods to athletes of all ages and is well-known in the golfers' world.

There are many different mistakes that can be made as an athlete prepares mentally for practice or a game or match. Cohn has put together a list of ten deadly mistakes that athletes commonly make, one of which is not being able to cope with adversity.

Click on the play button to learn:

• How learning to cope with adversity is especially important with kids that are perfectionists

• How there are many sports that actually encourage perfection, and those athletes struggle with having high expectations

• What types of circumstances could cause adversity

• Why it's so important for a child to learn to cope with adversity instead of shutting down

• How it's important for you, as a coach, to help your athletes rise above their perfectionism

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