Preventing Heat-Related Illnesses During the Hot Months

Tony Zaloga

Tony Zaloga has served as Frostburg State University's head athletic trainer for over thirty years. He's a member of Maryland's Athletic Trainers Hall of Fame. His many years of experience as an expert athletic trainer have given him a wealth of knowledge about sports injuries and how to prevent them.

When sports begin practices or continue their seasons through the hotter months of the year, that means that coaches have something new to worry about: heat-related illnesses and injuries. It's important for coaches to be aware of how to prevent heat-related illnesses during those hot months.

Click on the play button to learn:

• About climatization and why it's important when playing sports in the heat

• The various things that can be done during the hot months to help climatize the players

• What water discipline is and why it's such a bad idea

• The types of equipment that can be used to monitor environmental conditions during the hotter months

• About the WBGT and why it's so important

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