The Benefits of Both Team and Individual Performance Sports

Kenneth Warnick

Kenneth Warnick was attracted to wrestling in school due to his size. He did very well and ended up as a full scholarship athlete. After continuing to excel at his sport, Warnick went on to coach at several different schools for many years. His wealth of experience as both a coach and an athlete has helped him to gain perspective regarding coaching, particularly about the differences between individual and team performance sports.

People have different opinions about individual performance sports versus team performance sports. Warnick has played and coached both types of sports, so he's able to give us a unique and unbiased perspective about the two.

Click on the play button to learn:

• How both team and individual performance sports have benefits

• About how sports like wrestling help to put kids through challenges that prepare them for their future obstacles and challenges

• How individual performance sports help an athlete to learn to rely on him/herself completely

• How team performance sports help an athlete to learn how to deal with different types of people

• How all sports teach an athlete to assume a sense of responsibility and accountability

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