Valentine's Card Delivery


Aiming, eye-hand coordination, teamwork


Any size group of even teams


2 plastic bowling pins, 2 rubber balls or tennis balls


Inside or outside


Make children aware of their surroundings to ensure they do not trip over balls


Each student delivers a Valentine's Card by bowling the ball and knocking down a pin. First to knock down 5 pins wins!


Set up 2 bowling "lanes" with the line of kids at one end and a single bowling pin at the other end.


The children form 2 even lines with the first child in line holding the game ball. The child with the ball is the mail carrier delivering Valentine's Day cards.

On the command of go, the first child in line bowls their ball at their team's pin directly across from them.  Their goal is to knock over a pin which will symbolize a card being delivered.

After they roll the ball, they must run after the ball to get it, fix their pin back on the line if they knocked it down, and then run back with the ball to the next child in line handing them the ball.

The first team to knock the pin down delivering 5 Valentine's Day cards wins that round.


To make it harder, increase the distance the children bowl or increase the number of times to knock the pin down from 5 to 10.  You can also add multiple pins, or try to knock the pin down in different ways (kick a soccer ball, throw a frisbee, shoot with a hockey or lacrosse stick, etc.)