Seasonal Activities


New Year's Eve Escape Room: Trapped In Time

Complete New Year's themed PE lesson plan that integrates code-breaking, puzzles, fitness challenges and teamwork. 

Winter Sports Stations

10 Printable Winter Sports Station Cards

New Year's PE Games

Including Times Square Ball Drop, Catch the Confetti and more!

Winter Olympics PE Games

Including Hula Speed Skating, Gym Luge and more!


100th Day of School Stations

Celebrate the 100th day of school with these fun-filled fitness stations

Heart Candy Heist PE Escape Room

Printable Valentine's Day Themed Lesson Kit

Valentine's Day PE Bingo

Combines physical fitness with a classic Bingo twist!

My Fitness Valentine

30 Valentine's Day Themed Station Cards with Fun Fitness Tasks

Valentine's Day PE Games

Including Cupid's Arrow Toss, Love Lines Relay Race and more!

President's Day PE Games

Including Washington's Cherry Tree, Build Mount Rushmore and more!


St. Patrick's Day PE Bingo

Combines physical fitness with a classic Bingo twist!

Leprechaun Trap PE Escape Room

Printable St. Patrick's Day Themed Lesson Kit

St. Patrick's Day Fitness Stations

17 printable station cards for K-8

St. Patrick's Day PE Games

Including Lucky 
Charm, Leprechaun Tag and more!


The Great Egg-Scape: PE Escape Room

Printable Easter Themed Lesson Kit

Easter Eggs-ercise Stations

Including Protect Your Eggs, Bunny Hopscotch and more!

Easter PE Games

Including Easter Basket-Ball, Funny Bunny Tag and more!

April Fools PE Games

Including Tricky Four Corners, Wacky Race and more!

Earth Day PE Games

Including Clean the Beach, Car Pool and more!


Cinco de Mayo Exercise Stations

20 Cinco de Mayo themed printable station cards


Summer Olympic PE Games

Including Cone Hurdles, Beanbag Archery and more!


Splash Day Stations

20 printable station cards that feature creative water activities


Back to School Stations

10 printable icebreaker station cards


Back to School PE Games

Including Fact or Fiction, Compliment Game and more!


Trick or Trapped!  PE Escape Room

Printable Halloween Themed Lesson Kit

Halloween Activity Stations

24 printable Halloween themed activity stations

Halloween PE Games

Including Ghostbusters, Witches Broomstick Tag and more!


Veterans Day Bootcamp Stations

15 printable boot camp station cards

Trapped At The Mall: Black Friday PE Escape Room

Printable Black Friday Themed Lesson Kit

Thanksgiving PE Games

Including Stuff the Turkey, Turkey Tag and more!

Veterans Day PE Games

Including Secret Soldier, Salute Tag and more!


Reindeer Rescue

Printable Christmas Themed Lesson Kit

12 Days of Fitmas

Printable Lesson Kit with 12 station cards

Christmas PE Games

Including Snowball Fight, Reindeer Tag and more!

Ultimate PE Activity Vault

Our most comprehensive bundle. Packed with lesson plans, games and fitness stations. Everything you need to inspire, engage & motivate your students