PE Games & Activities

Complete PE Games Collection

195 activities to engage and motivate your kids

101 Fun PE Games

Kid-tested activities for PE class, summer camp or after school programs

101 Fun Brain Breaks

Fun mini-activities to re-energize and refocus your students.

101 Fun Camp Games

Fun games that can be used in various settings such as summer camps, school events, family gatherings, and more.

PE Games for Kindergarten to 2nd Grade

17 games to infuse your PE classes with fun, energy, and foundational skills


20 games that inspire students to explore STEM principles through physical activity

Playtime PE Games

13 exciting & interactive games for early elementary students

Classroom PE Games

22 simple activities to engage students & promote fitness, coordination, and teamwork!

PE Relay Race Games

15 fun & exciting relay games to promote fitness, coordination, and teamwork!

No Equipment PE Games

20 kid-tested games that are suitable for all ages and fitness levels

Social Emotional Learning Games

23 printable games that focus on social and emotional learning skills

PE Treasure Hunt

137 printable clue cards to create a fitness-based treasure hunt!

PE Scavenger Hunts

5 captivating lesson plans for kids 8 & up

Fitness Bingo

30 printable Bingo cards and teacher instructions.

PE Memory Match

48 matching exercise cards and teacher instructions.

PE Escape Rooms

5 captivating lesson plans for kids 8 & up

PE Trivia Game

Complete game instructions with 130 PE Trivia questions

Bottle Flip Games

10 printable games that combine bottle flipping and fitness.

Minute To Win It Games

19 Printable Station-Based Games To Get Kids Up And Moving!

PE Team Building Games

10 Super-Fun Games to Boost Your Kids' Team Building Skills!

Volleyball Skill Games

13 Creative Games to Bring a Fresh Approach to Teaching Volleyball!

PE Throwing & Catching Games

21 Fun & Exciting Games to Enhance Hand-Eye Coordination, Teamwork & Physical Fitness!

PE Games From Around The World

10 Creative Games to Celebrate Cultural Heritage and Global Sportsmanship

Music & Movement Games

10 Printable Games to Explore Music Through Dance, Aerobic Routines, and Rhythmic Coordination Exercises

PE Warm-Up Games

14 creative & engaging warm-up games to energize your classes and build teamwork

PE Fitness Games

13 engaging and energetic activities designed to pump up the fun in your physical education classes

Large Group Games

25 kid-tested activities for groups of 12 or more

Small Group Games

22 engaging games for groups of 2 to 12 kids

Tag Games

16 captivating games for running, chasing and tagging

Dodgeball Games

14 dynamic dodgeball based activities for all ages

Racket Games

13 entertaining  games for tennis, badminton and pickleball  

Soccer Games

22 delightful drills and games to teach fundamental soccer skills

Basketball Games

22 fun activities to teach shooting, passing, dribbling and game play

Social Distancing Games

24 fun games that keep kids 6+ feet apart at all times

Volleyball & Net Games

10 introductory games to teach volleyball skills

Base Games

19 fun activities for baseball, softball, kickball and cricket