Reviews from Our Community

More than 34,392 Coaches, Parents and Teachers Trust the American Coaching Academy

Ready to Use

"GREAT ready-to-use resources.  They provide a variety of themed and seasonal activities that you just need to print and/or display.  They kids love them and they are super easy for you as the teacher/coach!"

Barbara Faulkner

Elementary PE Teacher

No More Searching

"No more searching all over the internet, trying to get the material you need, you can get it all here! I would recommend these to any and EVERY coach and parent out there, whether it's for P.E., sports, or just looking for fun activities that will get your kids up and moving!"

Mike Peters

Fortitude Athletic Development and Nutrition

Parents know I mean business!

"My certification has absolutely improved my confidence.  Parents know I mean business!  I hear whispers... "this guy is tough... this guy is serious about coaching these kids... he's gonna set a good role model for these kids."

Jim Grimes

Soccer Coach

Easy to Set Up

"The lessons and activities are so simple and easy to set up. If you print out the papers, it makes it super easy for a substitute to follow with the step by step instructions and pictures."

Krystina Kolbe

Bradenton, Florida

No Experience?
No Problem.

"An enormous selection of Physical activities for students of all ages.  As a retired secondary maths teacher often doing relief in primary schools with no experience whatsoever in teaching PE the resources I have got from them are invaluable."

Joan Manson

Waverley, New Zealand

My Students Love Everything!

"I have an entire 3 inch binder dedicated to the American Coaching Academy lessons that I use within my physical education program.  My students LOVE everything I have used.  I highly recommend checking them out to all my colleagues!"

Lorraine Meloche Giorgino

PE Teacher

Makes My Life Less Stressed

"Thanks so much for making my life less stressed this year. I have recommended your site to other teachers because it's so easy to implement and the students enjoy the activities."

Cindy Thorne

Upper Sandusky, Ohio

Has caused my confidence level to rise.

"The ACA training has caused my confidence level to rise, and my ability to teach and motivate has also been quite effective.  When I speak, it's with passion and confidence.  I was even voted coach of the month in my local league!"

Yvonne Lockhart

Softball Coach

The Escape Rooms are AMAZING!

"They are so easy to use and the kids really get engaged when figuring out the clues!  I would recommend the PE programs to anyone that works with kids in any sort or organized manner.  All the activities are awesome!"

Rob Bello

Health & PE Teacher

Great Pictures!  Great Ideas!

"The printables are awesome - they were so easy to download and print right away.  And the equipment-free Escape Rooms have been lifesavers!  Thank you!!!"

Jody Siegel Isralow

Charlotte, North Carolina

Makes planning so much easier!

"I love the resources I get from the ACA each month.  They are WELL worth the price, and they make my weekly and monthly planning so much easier!"

Stuart Creamer

PE Teacher

Anyone who goes through this program will benefit from it and become a better coach.

"Going through scenarios and dealing with real-life situations forces you to think through what's important and make decisions based on your values.  Anyone who goes through this program will benefit from it and become a better coach."

Dr. Larry Lauer

Michigan State University

Hardly any setup!

"I LOVE the variety of games.  Plus, there is hardly any setup and we can play in the gym or out on the playground.  My kindergarteners really loved the Reindeer Tag!"

Jill Jacobsen Kusel

Kindergarten Teacher

So Creative!

"All of the resources are so creative, and the directions are very clear.  My kids of all ages have had so much fun!  I would recommend this product to all elementary teachers."

Tracy Eisenhauer

Elementary School Teacher

Always the Best Ideas!

"I always get the best ideas for my students from the ACA.  They really enjoyed the Christmas themed Power Pack - and i enjoyed seeing how involved it got them!"

Vivian Kiefer

PE Aide

The kids can't wait to solve the next puzzle!

"The Escape Rooms are just fantastic!  And they have added a lot of excitement to my classes.  The kids can't wait to solve the next puzzle and break the code!  Thanks so much!"

Chris Knobloch

New Orleans, Louisiana

Brings fresh ideas to the classroom!

"The ACA has some great games & activities that bring fresh new ideas to the classroom.  I especially enjoyed the back to school activities that presented many fun opportunities for students to get to know each other.  I would definitely recommend this to other PE teachers!"

Lisa Bingham

PE Teacher

Incorporates the mind AND body

"I love EVERYTHING about these products!  They motivate my students and incorporates the mind AND body.  And I really enjoy watching all of the collaboration that goes on between my students.  I highly recommend these!"

Harriet Savage

Auckland, New Zealand

Much more positive outcomes can be accomplished.

"So much more positive outcomes can be accomplished if coaches understand the athletes first mindset.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this program to other coaches and I enjoyed my experiences working with it."

Dr. Dennis Johnson

Varsity Cross Country Coach

A breath of fresh air!

"Oh YES!!!  This program is wonderful.  I needed a breath of fresh airfor my PE classes - this proved to be perfect!  There are so many activities that any PE teacher can get new ideas from it.  (My favorite was Stuff The Turkey from the November Power Pack.)"

Susan Carney

PE Teacher

Can be used in the gym OR the classroom!

"I really enjoy the Escape Rooms.  They provide a different approach that gets all the kids engaged.  And it can be used in a gym calss or as a movement break within the regular classroom learning time!"

Tina Caputo

Trail, British Columbia

It improved my confidence immensely.

"I got specific examples on how to coach individual athletes as well as a team, and also how to handle parent influences."

Brent Babyck

Hockey Coach

The ACA resources are top notch!

"The American Coaching Academy resources are top notch!  They make lesson planning so much easier, because they are just packed full of so many great ideas.  The Print & Play activities are fantastic!"

Sheila Karsh Burke

PE Teacher

Very effective and interactive.

"Very effective and interactive... easy to access and easy to use.  This material is a foundational component, and certainly would benefit any level of coach."

Gregory Austin Ph.D.

Colby Sawyer College

My students enjoy the different themes

"I really like the escape room lessons.  They are easy to set up and the kids are able to follow along.  They are great if you need to have something prepped and ready for a substitute!  My students enjoy the different themes.  I recommend these activities to all Phys Ed teachers!"

Laurie Taylor

Physical Education Teacher

I walk with my chin a little higher!

"The ACA gave me more insights into working with parents, and greater confidence in working with the athletic program, my assistants and players.  Now I walk with my chin a little higher than normal!"

Pedro Ortega

Basketball Coach

A beneficial program!

"A beneficial program that goes beyond what typical state coaching certification programs teach.  You will gain practical information that you can put in use immediately.  It helped me as a coach and was beneficial in helping me land a job as an athletic director this year."

Glendale Zell

Louisville, Kentucky

Ready to go and SUPER FUN!

"My favorite thing about the ACA products is that they are delivered "ready to go" and they are SUPER FUN!  The pre-designed practice plans save me tons of time and everything includes detailed instructions so you can just jump right in to training! "