Running, dodging, balance, agility


A group of kids that can safely fit into your room






Children need to be aware of their surroundings and other children so they do not bump into each other.


Here's a fun game to teach children about car pooling to protect the environment.  One child is the chaser, and they will tag other children, who then becomes a road block!  


No equipment is needed in this game, but you will need to use existing lines on the floor for this tag game.  If you do not have lines, you may need to use gym tape to mark the floor with lines.  This game will teach children how it is important to car pool to help protect the environment instead of everyone driving on their own.


This is a fun activity to teach your students about car pooling to protect the environment.  Pick one child to be the chaser in this game.

On 'go' all the kids in the class including the chaser must run on the existing lines which connect together on the floor and cannot travel anywhere off the lines.

The children who are not the chaser can only go in the foreward directio and can never turn around or change directions.  The chaser is the only one who can turn around or change directions.

When a child gets caught, they can no longer drive their car and become a road block and must sit in the spot they were caught.  At this point, nobody but the chaser can go through a road block, so basically some kids paths will come to a dead end.  The last child caught is the winner and the new chaser.


To make it harder, you can have 2 chasers in the game.