Elf Package Delivery


Eye hand coordination, speed, agility, balance


Any size group of even number of kids


60 tennis balls, hula hoop, milk crate


Inside or outside


Be aware of other people or objects in the room, and do not trip on the hula hoop


Each student must deliver a present (ball) to the hula hoop.  The first team to deliver 20 balls first wins the relay race.


Each team will set up in a relay race format.  Each team will have a box filled with tennis balls and a hula hoop as seen in the image below.


Children (Elves) form 2 lines for a relay race.

Set up a hula hoop at the distant end of the room.

Next to each line is a milk crate full of tennis balls.

Have children form a line, each holding a tennis ball (gift).

On 'go' the elves must run to the hula hoop and deliver a gift by placing the tennis ball into the hula hoop.

Once delivered, they return to the end of the line and take a new tennis ball out of the milk crate.  The first team to deliver 20 gifts first wins the race.


To make it harder, increase the distance of the box to the children or increase the number of gifts delivered fromm 20 to 30.