Clean The Beach


Teamwork, eye-hand coordination, throwing


Any amount of kids that can safely fit into your room


30 small ballss, 4 cones




Children need to be aware of their surroundings and other children so they do not bump into each other.


Here's a fun teamwork game where the children have to get as many balls onto the other team's side before the time runs out.


Divide your class in half to create 2 teams.  Each team is only allowed in half of the room and can never go onto the other teams side.  Layout about 15 balls on each side to start the game.  The children's job is to clean the bottles and cans off the beach to protect the environment.


This is a fun activity to teach your students about cleaning the shore lines.

On 'go' the children will run around the room picking up one ball at a time.

When they pick up a ball, they have to toss it onto the other team's half of the room.

Each round will last 1, 2, 3 or 4 minutes, but the kids will not know the time limit ahead of time.  This prevents the kids from holding the balls and waiting until the last second to throw them onto the other team's side.

After the predetermined time expires, stop the game and count the balls.  Whichever team has less balls on their side wins that round.


To make it harder, add more balls into the room.