Cupid's Arrow Toss


Aiming, concentration, focus, accuracy, throwing


4 teams of 4 or more kids


Hula hoops, bean bags


Indoors or outdoors


Make sure children are not in the path of the object being thrown  With younger children, the bean bags should be tossed under hand.


For this game, the children are going to play Cupid by connecting bean bags of the same color to find true love.  When they toss a bean bag, it will symbolize Cupid shooting his arrow.


Break the children into 4 teams of 4.  Each team takes one side of a square.  Inside the square are 4 hula hoops.


Each team will have 5-10 bean bags all of the same color, but no two teams can have the same color.

Two children on each team will be shooters while the other two are chasers.

On the command of 'go' the game begins.  The object is for the shooters to get one of their color bean bags into each hula hoop in the center of the room.

When a bean bag goes into a hula hoop, it should stay there while the chasers are retrieving the bean bags that miss their target and bringing it back to the shooters.

The firt team that gets their color bean bag into each of the hula hoops wins that round.  Only 1 bean bag needs to go into each hula hoop.


To make it harder, add more hula hoops or make the distance throwing the bean bags further away.