Earth Ball Bounce


Teamwork, eye-hand coordination, balance


Any amount of kids that can safely fit into your room


1 large beach ball, 4 cones


Inside or outside


Children need to be aware of their surroundings and other children so they do not bump into each other.


Here's a creative teamwork game where children in the class have to keep the earth (a beach ball) floating in the sir by tapping upwards in the room without letting it hit the ground.


Mark off an area in your room which has boundaries so children do not bump into each other or the walls.  Spread the children out all over your room, making sure they are spaced out safely.  Then, toss the ball into the air for the activity to begin where the children start tapping it into the air. 


The beach ball is going to be the earth that the children want to keep floating into the air. Once the children are all spread out over the room, the teacher will toss the ball into the air.

Whoever the ball starts to come down towards a child, they must tap it back into the air. As it starts to come down towards another child, once again, they tap it into the air.

The children keep following this pattern throughout the activity.

To make it fun, each round, the children should count out loud how many 'taps' they are up to with each hit.


To make it harder, use 2 beach balls.