Find The Feathers


Running, eye-hand coordination, teamwork


As many students as possible as long as the teams are even


A lot of sticky notes, picture of turkey on wall, 4 cones




Children need to be careful of not bumping into other children


Sticky notes are placed all over the room, some in obvious places, but some a little more hidden.  On 'go' the children start to collect sticky notes, but only one at a time.  When they find one, they run over to their turkey on the wall and stick the feather onto their turkey.  When completed, whichever team has collected the most feathers wins!


Prepare the room by placing sticky notes all over the walls and objects in the room, then divide your class into 2 teams to begin their scavenger hunt.


Place sticky notes (which are turkey feathers) all over your room and hang up 2 large images of a turkey on each side of the room, one for each team. 

On 'go' the students start collecting feathers, but only one at a time.

When they find a feather, they must run over to their team's turkey and stick it on the image.  Once comlete, the children should start to search for a new feather in the room.

At the end, whichever team finds the most feathers (sticky notes attached to their turkey) wins that round.  The sticky notes can be reused over and over again.


To make it harder, you can hide sticky notes in tougher places.