Funny "Bunny" Tag


Hopping, dodging


Safe amount that can fit comfortably in room


Swim noodle, 4 plastic Easter eggs, 4 ones


Inside or outside


Remind children to be aware of their surroundings and to roll the balls underhand


A game where everyone is an Easter Bunny and they all have to hop all over the room to travel, including the chaser who tags people with a swin noodle.


The students should saely spread out all over the room.  One child is chosen as the chaser, and 4 students are given plastic Easter eggs to hold which have the magical power of freeing kids who get caught.


Spread your class around the room.

Choose one child to be the chaser and 4 kids to carry Easter eggs.

On 'go' the children are running away from the chaser who is trying to tag them with a swim noodle.

Once a kid gets caught, they are frozen in their spot.

A child carrying an egg may free the caught child by handing them their egg.

If a child with an egg gets caught, they must still hold onto the egg, but one of the other egg carriers has to free them.  When they do, this child will now have 2 eggs to free other children.

Rotate the chasers and egg carriers every few minutes.


Use a different locomotor (ie. Hop, skip, etc.)