Heart Scotch


Coordination, balance, agility, speed


Any size group of even teams


10-20 hula hoops, 50 paper heart cutouts, 2 shoeboxes


Inside or outside


Be careful not to trip on the hula hoops


Each student goes through the hopscotch course, picks up a paper heart and brings it back to their bucket.


Create 2 identical hopscotch courses using the hula hoops.  Place a shoebox (or similar container) at one end and spread out 50 paper heart cutouts at the other end.


The two teams form a straight line behind their set of hula hoops.  On the command of 'go', the first kid in line must hopscotch through their set of hula hoops to get to the other side. 

They must pick up one heart and then hopscotch back to the beginning of the line and place the one heart in the bucket and proceed to the end of the line so the next child may get their turn.

If at any time the child touches the hula hoop on the way over to pick up the heart, they must stop and go back to the end of the line.

If they touch a hula hoop on the way back, they must stop and put the heart back on the other side. The game goes on until all the paper hearts are picked up.

At the end, whichever team has more hearts in their shoebox wins.


You can add more hula hoops to make it more challenging or add more paper hearts to increase the level of difficulty.  You can also have the kids hop on one leg through the course.