Lucky Charms


Eye-hand coordination, speed, agility, aim


10+ children


1 hula hoop, 50 bean bags, 4 milk crates


Inside or outside


Children need to be aware of their surroundings so they do not bump into one another


One Leprechaun tries to protect his gold, while teams of students try to steal it and return back to their base without being tagged.


Split the students into 4 even teams. Assign one child to be the Leprechaun. Place a hula hoop in the middle of your room with 50 bean bags (which are gold) in it. Place a milk crate for each team in their designated corner.


The hula hoop in the middle of the gym is filled with bean bags which is gold.

On the command of ‘go’ one child at a time from each team will run towards the center of the gym where the gold is located. Their job is to take one piece of gold and return it to their milk crate.

The Leprechaun’s job is to try and tag the other children when they try to take gold. If the Leprechaun tags a kid without a piece of gold, that child must go back to their milk crate and do 10 jumping jacks and wait for their turn to come again.

If a child is tagged with a piece of gold in their hands, they must return the gold to the hula hoop and then go to their milk crate and do 10 jumping jacks before returning to the game. The first team to get 10 pieces of gold first wins.


To make it more difficult, add more bean bags, add more Leprechauns or add more jumping jacks.