Pumpkin Chaser


Speed, agility, balance, running, dodging


Any number of children divided into 2 teams


Orange cones


Inside or outside


Children should be careful not to run into each other.


The object of the game is to be the last child to be tagged.


Spread out your class around your room. Place many orange cones along the sideline. Pick one child to be the chaser. The chaser must run with an orange cone on top of their head. They may use their hands to hold onto the cone.


On ‘go’ the chaser will run around the room with a cone on top of their head, chasing the other kids.

Once a child gets caught, they go to the pile of cones and take one, place it on their head, and now assist in chasing other students.

Each time a new kid gets tagged, a new chaser is added with a cone on top of their head.

The last child left who is not tagged is the winner.

If a cone drops off the chaser’s head, they must stop and put it back on their head to continue chasing other kids.

Run with only one hand on the cone so you have one free hand for tagging.

If you are a chaser, use strategy with other chasers to corner those who are not tagged.


To make it harder, do not allow the chasers to hold their cone with their hands.

To make it easier, allow the chasers to use their hands to hold the cone in place.