Pumpkin Maze


Hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, dribbling, shooting


Any number of teams as long as they are equal


Orange basketballs, orange cones, orange hula hoop


Inside or outside


Children should be careful not to trip over the obstacles.


The class will be divided into 2 teams who will maneuver through cones to reach the end of the maze.


Place the children in a traditional relay race line.  In front of each team place cones and a hula hoop as shown in the image below.  They will need to dribble their ball towards a basketball hoop.


On 'go', the first child in line dribbles their basketball (pumpkin) through some cones (corn maze) in a figure-8 style.

As soon as they complete the task, they come to a hula hoop and must dribble the pumkin around the hoop 2 complete times.

Next, they must dribble to the basket and take 1 shot. Whether they make it or miss it, they must dribble back the same way they came and hand the ball off to the next child in line.

The first team to make 10 baskets wins the race.

When dribbling the ball, remember to have fingertip control.  When shooting the ball, remember to follow through on your shot.  Try to keep your head up while dribbling, being aware of the cones and the hoops in your path.


To make it harder, add more cones to dribble around as well as adding another hula hoop.

To make it easier, use less cones and take away the hula hoop.