Pumpkin Patch Hunt


Teamwork, running, cognitive skills, agility


Any number of teams as long as they are equal


100 decorated plates, cones


Inside or outside


Children should be careful not to bump into one another.


The class will be divided into 4 teams who are looking for rewards under pumpkins (plates)


For this activity, you will need about 100 paper plates that can be reused.  A week before you play this game, give 5 plates to each student to decorate with a picture of a pumpkin on it.  Then, create a pumpkin patch in your room with all the plates laid out on the floor.


Place all 100 plates on the floor.  On 25 of them, place a post-it note on the underneath of each plate with a specific number of points assigned to it.  Make them worth between 1-10 points.

Divide your class into 4 even teams that are setup on each end line.

One student at a time, they run into the pumpkin patch and can pick up only 1 plate. If they find one with a post-it note on it with points, they collect the post-it note and then place the pumpkin back on the floor, pumpkin side facing up.

The children rotate one at a time going into the pumpkin patch turning over one pumpkin. Each child will get multiple turns.

After 5 minutes, stop the game to see which team collected the most points.


To make it harder, add more pumpkins to the patch as well as more point totals.