Pumpkin Roll


Speed, agility, balance, fine & gross motor skills


Any number of children divided into 2 teams


Real pumpkins (if not, orange basketballs), cones


Inside or outside


Children should be careful not to run into each other.


The object of the game is to be the first team to roll your pumpkin to the finish line.


Place the children in 2 traditional relay race lines. Each team gets a
pumpkin and an orange cone is placed in front of them as shown in the image below.


On ‘go’ the first kid in line must roll the pumpkin with their hands to their cone across from them.

They are not allowed to kick or punch the pumpkin.

Once they get to their cone, they must go around it and start rolling it back with their hand again to the start line.

Once at the start line, the next child in line will follow the same process.

The first team to finish the race wins.

Like in basketball, roll the pumpkins with good fingertip control.

Make sure you have good ‘footing’ to keep your stability and coordination.


To make it harder, have the children roll 2 pumpkins at a time or increase the distance they have to roll the pumpkins.

To make it easier, shorten the distance the children have to roll the pumpkins.