Recycle Your Garbage


Teamwork, eye-hand coordination, balance


Any amount of kids that can safely fit into your room


2 large hula hoops, 100 small balls, 4 cones


Inside or outside


Children need to be aware of their surroundings and other children so they do not bump into each other.


A teamwork game where the children have to collect garbage (balls) in the room and recycle them by placing them in their team's hula hoop.


Divide your class in half to create 2 teams and place a large hula hoop on each side of your room, 1 for each team.  Spread out all the balls you have all over your room.  The more balls you have, the better!


This is a fun activity to teach your students about recycling.

On 'go' the children will run around the room picking up one ball at a time.

When they pick up a ball, they have to recycle it by running over to their hula hoop and placing it in the hoop.

Remember, they are only allowed to pick up one ball at a time.

Once they drop their ball into the hula hoop, they run out to find another ball while following the same pattern of dropping it into their team's hula hoop. 

Children cannot take a ball out of the other team's hoop.  Remind the kids, only one ball at a time.  The team with the most ball wins.


To make it harder, add more balls into the room.  If you have a large class, you can create 4 teams with 4 different hula hoops.