Pumpkin Maze


Aiming, throwing, balance, speed, hand-eye coordination, fine motor


Any number of children divided into 4 teams


Cones, sponge balls


Inside or outside


Children should be careful not to run into each other.


The object of the game will be to smash the other team’s pumpkins.


Divide the gym into 4 sections and divide the class into 4 teams. Each team will get their own section. Each section will have a cone with an orange ball (pumpkin) on top of it.


Once your class is divided into 4 teams, they must pick a pumpkin guard on each team. The rest of the kids will be pumpkin smashers.

On ‘go’ the pumpkin smashers will begin to roll their balls towards the other team’s pumpkins with the objective of knocking them off the top of the orange cone.

Each time they are successful, they get a point and the team who just had their pumpkin smashed must get the ball that just got knocked off and balance it back on top of the cone.

Every few minutes take a ‘score’ timeout to find out how many points each team has and to let them switch roles during the game play.

Goalies need to make sure they are not staying still and keep moving about the pumpkin area. The must remain stable with good footwork.

The pumpkin smashers should always step in the direction they are rolling the balls.


To make it harder, allow the teams to have multiple goalies to make it harder to score a point.

To make it easier, allow them to play with no goalies to allow for great success at knocking the ball off the cone.