Stuff The Turkey


Running, jumping, coordination, speed, agility


As many students as possible as long as the teams are even


6 cones. milk crate, 20 balls, 2 hula hoops


Inside or outside


Children need to be careful as they jump over the cones not to trip


The hula hoop is the turkey and the kids will stuff the turkey with small size balls.  On 'go' the first kid in line runs towards the hula hoop and must jump over 3 cones, each with a ball balanced on top.  Once they get to the hoop, they must place a tennis ball into it, then run back to the line where the next child goes.  If they knock over a tennis ball, they must place it back on top of the cone and run back to the starting line to go again.  The first team to get 10 balls into the hoop first wins.  Each team will have a crate filled with balls to use in the race so they can replenish when they get back to the line.


Have your students set up in a traditional relay race line.  Place a hula hoop at the far end of the room for each team.  Also, provide a milk crate or box filled with small balls near the 'start' line.  Then, set up 3 cones between the start line and the hula hoop with a small ball balanced on top of each cone as shown in the image.


On 'go' the first child in line must run towards their hula hoop which is the turkey they want to stuff with a ball.

On the way over to the hoop, they must jump over 3 individual cones without knocking a ball off the top of the cone which is balanced there.  Again, once they get to their hula hoop, they must place a ball in it and now turn around and go back to the start line by jumping over the 3 individual cones.  When they get back to the starting line, the next child goes.

If they knock off a ball on the way over to the hoop, they must pick it up and begin again from the start line.  If they knock a ball off on the way back to the start line, they must subtract their ball from the hula hoop and go back to the end of the line as the next child goes.

The first team to get 10 balls into the hula hoop wins the race and stuffed their turkey first.


To make it harder, you can have more cones to jump over or even use higher cones.