Stuff The Turkey


Running, speed, power, agility, fine and gross motor skills


Any number of children divided into 4 teams


5 hula hoops, 100 bean bags


Inside or outside


Children should be careful not to hit each other with the bean bags.


The object of the game is to be the first team to "stuff" your "turkey" (hula hoops) with bean bags.


Place children on 4 teams. Place a hula hoop in each corner of your room as well as a hoop in the middle filled with 100 bean bags. The hoops in each corner will symbolize a turkey while the bean bags will be the stuffing.


Each team will reside in a corner of the room by their team’s hula hoop.

On ‘go’ one child from each team will run to the center and grab a bean bag. Once they get it, they must run back to their hoop and stuff their turkey (place the bean bag in the hula hoop).

Then, the next child on the team runs to the middle to perform the same task.

When there are no bean bags left in the center, each team must count how many bean bags they have.

The team with the most bean bags wins.

Run hard, keeping your center of gravity lower since you have to bend to pick up and drop off a bean bag.

Move your arms from side to side as you run.

Use fingertip control to accurately drop your bean bag into the hula hoop.


To make it harder, increase the amount of bean bags in the center of the room.

To make it easier, shorten the distance between the center hula hoop and each team’s hula hoop.