Turkey Escape


Running, balance, coordination, speed, agility


As many students as possible as long as the teams are even


Cones, sticks, hula hoops




Children need to be careful not to trip over obstacles


This is an obstacle course and a relay race combined.  On 'go' the first student in line is a turkey trying to escape the farm, but has to overcome many obstacles in their path whether jumping through hoops or going over/under walls.  Each student must complete the task going forward, and then coming back to the line through the same obstacles.  The first team to fimish wins the race.


Divide the class into 2 teams set up for a relay race, then set up obstacles as seen in the image where the children have to make it through hula hoops and then go over and under barriers (cones set up with a stick balanced on top)


Set up room with hula hoops and cones.

Divide class into 2 teams and set them up in lines for a relay race.

On 'go' the first child must go through all the hula hoops without touching them, then go over a wall (cones with sticks), under wall, then over again.

At the end, the child must turn around and come back through the obstacles to the line where the next child begins.  The first team to finish helped the turkey to escape the farm.

If a child touches a hula hoop, or knocks off a stick from the cones, they must start again.


To make it harder, you can add more obstacles to the course depending on how much room you have.